Hey guys! 

A quick post this morning (I'm off work today, yay)! Actually, it's only for a quick minute and then I have to meet up with my mom and sister to start this Photo Booth adventure. 

I've included a few photos of the process of doing a DIY photo booth and the results of waiting until the last possible second to make the signs requested by my mom! ha. These are iPHONE photos, so excuse the quality - but I'm too excited not to share. 

The start of the sign. Of course I didn't just want plain letters, so I got a little more detailed below. I always make things more difficult on myself.

After searching and searching for a black permanent marker (and the color not matching the black board)I pulled out the good old paint and brushes to add a little something to the letters. 
Of course, what would our booth be without a colorful banner?! I can't wait to see it with our backdrop. 
And lastly, the final product! I am actually proud of myself for not over doing this. I went back and forth with  myself on adding more detail, but finally Chris talked me out of it. I'm glad he did! 
I'll definitely post more after this weekend. Hopefully our Photo Booth is a success. Have a great weekend! 

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Signing... Steph