Hey! It's Friday, whoop! And it's a little bit chilly here in Dallas. I mean, we're pretty much under an ice storm and we know how Texas people act with ice and snow. ha! 

Well, today I am posting about the JT concert that I went to on Wednesday. I can pretty much tell you that it was the most incredible concert I've ever been to. EVER. And I went to a lot of concerts this year. I am still giddy, like a little girl, but hey... at least I admit it on my own. 

I was able to go to the concert with my BFF (yes, we still call each other that) and I am so glad! We both love Justin Timberlake, love to dance and love to sing... so, it was a match made in heaven. From the time we got to the concert to the time we left, we were up dancing. It was amazing! Ahh! I want to go back in time and have the concert happen all over again. I still can't get over how awesome it was. 

What's even better you ask? I'll tell you. JT had a movable stage (yep, movable) and ended up RIGHT in front of our seats. When I say right in front, I mean it. I'm pretty sure we made eye contact at one point of his performance. Yep, I'm that girl. What sucks is that fact that my iPHONE died half way through the concert so I don't have very many photos of him when he was up close and personal. You know, I would love the have the photos, but I don't see my memory failing me on that gorgeous face anytime soon. Ugh, he's dreamy. 

Anyway, below I posted a few photos from the night... and a few videos. Warning: I was dancing the entire time, so the videos are all over the place. Giddy girl problems. 

My mom and grandma even went to the concert... how awesome is that?! They had suite tickets, but we met up with them before and after. Of course after they were ready to head home while Katie and I were giggling all the way to the car in awe of what had just happened. If you ever have the chance to see Justin Timberlake... do it! He will not disappoint. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I will be bundled up that's for sure. Until next time... 


  1. So exciting! I have seen him in concert a few times...one of my favorites!

    1. Absolutely! Will definitely see him in concert again.