Well hello. It's Friday and it's 2014, crazy! Today I wanted to share some photos and details from our New Year's Eve party. This year my best friend and I decided to host a party instead of fighting the crowds somewhere downtown. This could be because we're getting smarter... or maybe just older. Either way, I think it was a great idea. 

We had such a blast counting down to the New Year with some of our closest friends. Pretty much, I think anytime we get our group together and throw on some good jams we're good to go! I love that about us. 

Below are some photos of our night. We decided early on in the party planning stage that we wanted to have a backdrop for photos. Actually, let's rewind. My best friend dropped the bomb during shopping for decorations that SHE wanted to have a backdrop for photos. Hmm... I wonder how long it took her to finally decide to tell me. I mean, since October... this will be my 3rd photo booth experience. How can one go from NEVER doing a photo booth, to doing one a month? Not sure. Anyway, rant over. Back to the point. 

Although I originally wasn't thrilled with this idea, I think it was a success... and it was SO easy to put together. As we all know, it's all in the details, so of course we HAD to put numbers on our champagne glasses to count down to the New Year. Necessary? Probably not. Cute? Absolutely. 

What did you guys do for NYE? Did you host a party or go out? I'm thinking a house party will be the way to go from now on, unless of course, I'm somewhere outside of Dallas during that time and then maybe I'll venture out. And maybe next year we can host the party in OUR new house (wishful thinking)! 

Shirt: Target
Pants: Target
Necklace: Rio Ritz

Anyway, hope y'all have a great weekend! I'll be posted up, at my new desk, drinking coffee and browsing the internet. Probably in my PJs. Oh, and the giveaway is still open, until Monday. See this post if you want to enter. http://signingsteph.blogspot.com/2013/12/rio-ritz-giveaway-happy-monday.html

As always, thanks for following along! Until Monday... 


  1. I love those pants!! Love! Too bad my short legged self doesn't look good in pants like that. Boo! I love that you can rock them though.
    Also, I'm glad you went with the photo booth. Love it.
    And lastly, I said that this year as in the next New Year's Eve, I want to have a small get together at our place.

  2. Thanks! They were so comfortable. It really felt like I was in PJs all night.. and that's always good. :)
    The photo booth turned out... it always does. I guess I just need to go with the flow. haha. And I think NYE parties at home are the best! You can do what you want, you spend less money and you don't have to fight the crowds!

  3. I almost bought those pants! They are so cute! Now seeing them on you, I wish I had:( That 2014 photo backdrop is so cute! Found you through TXWB:)

    1. You should definitely get some if they're still available! I love them. I've actually been eyeing some similar for the longest time, but never had the guts to buy them. And then I didn't have anything to wear for NYE... and I saw these. I was pretty much forced into it. haha. Thank you!

      Love TXWB. Glad we're connecting. :)

  4. What a party!! All you looks very stunning. I like your new year eve photographs and thinking to do one great party in this year..

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