Hey girls! Since I didn't do a post yesterday morning I decided to go ahead and post one today. 

I woke up in a great mood knowing that it's going to be 75 degrees in Dallas today. Sorry for everyone up North, but I have to express my excitement. So, what's the first thing I think about... Spring! I thought it's the perfect time to gather some items that I am really craving for Spring right now. 

The black and white Asos sundresses shown are a great price right now (just click the picture). Seriously, like $14! I really like the white one, I think I might have to get it. And for some reason I was drawn to the pink (not sure why, I'm not really a pink girl) and turquoise accents. I can't wait for some fun/bright color combinations. 

And the wedges/heels... how perfect are they?! Ugh, this really makes me want to shop. Must buy house. Must buy house. Ha. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Have a fabulous weekend! I'll be hangin' outside I'm sure. 

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Until next time... 

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