Now that the time has changed and it's staying lighter later and it's getting a bit warmer (fingers crossed it stays that way), I am beyond excited for Summer! I can't wait to hang out by the pool and at the lake, wear sandals and wedges and tank tops... ahh!

To make matters even worse. My sister and her husband are on a cruise right now, headed to the Bahamas (so jealous). So happy for them, but man I wish I was there! I was actually supposed to go, but buying a house trumped vacation. Dang it, I'm not sure about this being an adult thing. ha! 

Anyway, so with all the hype about the warmer weather can you guess what today's post is about?! Summer, DUH! 

Summer Lovin'

I was really feelin' the masculine camo top with the feminine floral headband; I think it's a good mixture of hard and soft. I also really like the light wash jeans for Spring. I think it just brightens up the outfit a little bit. And do I even need to explain the aztec bag?! I'm obsessed, that's all. Last thing, the wedges. I am loving all of the straps and buckles. You could wear these wedges with so much - jeans, shorts, summer dresses - definitely worth the purchase! Maybe I should get 'em... ? 

I am just in love with this entire outfit. Such simple pieces, but most would think it's a difficult look to pull off. I think you should give it a try! 

So anyway, what are y'all loving for Spring/Summer? Is there a trend that you're obsessed with that maybe I'm not on board with yet? I'd love to step out of my comfort zone and try something new too. Let me know! 

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