Hey there! I know this is a late Wednesday post, but hey, I was at the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert last night. Let me just say, it was awesome! Anyway, I won't be posting about an outfit today, however, my best friend Katie will be sharing some information on closet organization and purging. 

She is currently in Grad School (whoop!) and had to publish a paper on this topic. She asked if she could post in on here and, well... duh! So, here's Katie! 

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First off, let me thank Stephanie for giving me a spot on her blog. But it’s not like she could tell me no…I mean I am her best friend! I am writing a piece for a class that I’m in and we’ve got to find a way to have it published. So, I thought what better way than on your best friend’s awesome fashion blog?
Signing Steph gives you all these great looks to try and now I’m going to give you tips on how to organize them. More specifically, how to organize The Closet…dun dun dun…

I am going to start off by telling you that it will all be ok. It will be like ripping off a band – aid. It’s going to hurt at first, but then the pain will subside. You are going to have to get rid of some things and make some tough decisions, but I assure you IT WILL BE OK. You can do this! This is going to be like clothing rehab – No one can MAKE you do this. You have to WANT to do this.

You will need to set aside a day, or for some of you, it will take a whole weekend to finish this daunting task. You need to go into this with a goal in mind. Do you want to get rid of a set number of pieces? Or, do you want a whole closet transformation? This is totally up to you.
First things first, you will need supplies. First up, grab some trash bags or some empty boxes. This will be for all clothes that you are going to trash or donate. Next, if you are unhappy with your hangers, get some new ones. If you’re like me, I love all my clothes to be on the same kind of hanger. My faves are just plain ‘ol plastic hangers. But, if you’re a fancy gal, they have these wonderful velvet covered hangers that keep your clothes from falling off.
I am lucky, I have a built – in shoe rack in my closet that just house my shoes – Sorry Jeremy! If you are not so lucky, try an over the door shoe rack. They can come in all sorts of fun colors and are perfect for flip flops and flats. These are great if you have the room, especially for heels and boots. If none of these fits your style or budget, baskets or clear plastic bins work as well. I have gotten plenty from the Dollar Tree.
Now that your supplies are in hand, it’s Show Time. There are a couple different ways to start this process. Some people like to start with a clean slate by taking every item out of your closet and sorting and purging that way. For me, that’s way too much and I end up feeling like I’ve made more of a mess. So I would just start where your hangers begin.
The easiest pieces to start tossing are those with stains or holes. Face it, if you were going to patch it or clean it, it would’ve happened by now sister! Slowly, take it off the hanger, ball it up, and throw it in that black trash bag. Now take a breath...See that wasn’t so hard. The hardest part is behind you. Once you’ve taken care of those pieces, you can move on to those pieces that no longer fit or are no longer age appropriate. I know what you’re thinking, “But I am so close to losing those last 10 pounds.” No friend, walking around with that muffin top over those jeans that are a size too small is not cute. Also, if you’re getting on up there in age, that backless, sequined halter is no longer appropriate. Retire that and leave it to the 20 year olds to wear. Sorry, was that too harsh?

This last category of purging is the hardest, even for me, and I purge at least a couple times a year. I like to go by this rule: If you haven’t worn it in a year – toss it. “But what if I get invited to a Cindereallaesque ball and need my prom dress from 2003?” No mam – toss it. This is why buying the newest trend isn’t all that great. Sure you look cute now, but in 10 years when those jeggings are out of style you are going to look like a hot mess.
There is another rule that I have heard about lately, but it is scary. Like, swamp girl coming out of the T.V. in The Ring scary. It’s the rule of 40. Yes 40. There are people in this world who only have 40 hangers in their closet. That seems like the number of tank tops one should have, not the amount of hangers in your WHOLE closet- that’s just crazy talk. I digress, I apologize.
After “The Purge,” you will need to try and start changing your mind set. You’re doing all this hard work for a reason; you’re tired of seeing a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I have another rule for myself: however many new pieces I bring in, I equally get rid of that many old pieces. Sometimes it’s not fun, but most of the time I’m excited to bring my new clothes in so they can get acquainted with the old clothes.
I love shoes; I went through a stage where I bought nothing but shoes instead of clothes. I mean they just sit there on that top rack just throwing their self at you to be tried on. Then they fit perfect, and you look at them in that knee length mirror and think “I must get these shoes.” However, they trick you. They seem perfect. They yell at you “Wear me! Wear me!” You pick the perfect outfit to wear them with, and just as you walk out the door you notice they’re not so comfortable anymore. As you walk from your car to the restaurant or bar that you’re headed to you can see there is already going to be a blister on your foot, and by the end of the night your once beautiful pump is full of your blood, and you are begging someone to give you a piggy-back ride to your car just so you don’t have to wear these God awful shoes anymore. I say all that to tell you to get rid of those shoes that are ill- fitting. Yes, they look cute, but one look at your scarred feet will jolt you back to reality and give you the push you need to toss those puppies. Also you need to toss any that may be talking or those are scuffed to the point of unrecognition.
Now, you have all the clothes that are pit stain and hole free, and shoes that fit you swell, and you are ready for the next step. This is the fun part, and is also up to you. I like all my clothes to be organized by color. No matter if they are long sleeve, or a blouse all my shirts at least are by color. However, I know this way may not tickle every one’s fancy. You could also organize by style or type. If your work clothes are nothing like your weekend/casual clothes feel free to do it that way. Whatever makes your heart sing do it. As far as shoes go, I put all shoes that I wear on a weekly basis up front.
At this point you are pretty much done! This is my favorite part. Step out of your closet and take a look inside. Relish in the fact that everything is where you can see it, and you have a new sense of what is in your closet.

I know I didn’t hit scarves, jewelry, or accessories, but I’ll let that be for another day. I would like to thank Signing Steph once again, and I hope this has helped some of you clothes hoarders out there! Bye!        



  1. Katie that is awesome advise and I will go on to say that I have purged about 4 times this year and it feels wonderful! It makes my closet feel like it has a season and a life of its own. I don't want my closet to look depressing either...it needs color and vibrancy of new things. Great JOB!

  2. Loved the article.

  3. Great tips Katie! Loved this and seeing my favorite people on the blog! :)