Y'all, it's hot. It's hot outside and it's hot in our house. Last week we had someone come out and change a part in our A/C unit and thought all was fixed. Well, not so much. Yesterday inside our house it was 84ish degrees. I mean... 

I'll let you in a bit on what our situation looked like yesterday. Chris laying on the tile floor and Chester moving from the comfortable couch to the tile floor (once he'd had enough of the heat) and then back to the couch (once the floor got too uncomfortable). We toughed it out, but seriously, our A/C has to be fixed today. We are in Texas... and it's hot. 

On a different note, I pulled out an old summer dress of mine and paired it with a new pair of Nine West sandals I'm loving and enjoyed a nice morning at church. Simple look. Great day (minus the heat). 

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I had a great weekend catching up with my girlfriends and getting ahead on some of my work projects. I'm hoping all the weekend goodness continues to this Monday. Let's make it a good one! Until next time.. 


  1. This is the perfect 'feminine yet edgy' look, my fave combo!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! It's an oldie and I haven't wore it forever, but so glad I pulled it back out.

  3. love everything about this look on you! nailed it :)