Hey y'all! 

Monday is here, yet again. Although I'm not completely ready for it, it's here. So, instead of dreading this entire day, I'm putting a smile on my face and thanking the big man above for blessing me with another day. 

Crazy enough, I don't have any outrageous stories to share from this weekend. I kinda like that. I love when my life is chill. A couple of things that I'm excited about though - one, we bought a chair for our living room! That means we can invite more than two people over at the same time. #movingonup. And two, I bought a new lens for my camera, eek! I have been wanting a new lens (specifically for blurring the background of my photos) and I finally got one. I can hardly contain my excitement! Now... to learn how to use it. ha! 

Of course as soon as I bought it I decided that today's photos HAD to be taken with it. I mean, can you really buy something new and not use it as soon as you get it? I can't. And well, that means Chris can't either. It's hard being a blogger's husband. 

I couldn't really think of a title for today's blog post other than Festival Wear. This is something I would definitely wear to a festival, what about you? Everything I'm wearing in today's post is pretty old, but I've linked some similar stuff below. 

Oh, I also wanted to say hello to all of my new followers. Thanks so much for subscribing! I hope you enjoy the blog. 

Until next time. 


  1. I have a skirt similar to this in coral, but I love YOURS better! P.S. What lens did you get??!

    1. I bet the coral is pretty! I love that color!

      I got the 50mm f1.8. So far I love it!

  2. I have that same top. :) I haven't worn it in forever, but you have inspired me to take it out and pair it with a maxi skirt.

    1. That's so funny! I've had this top for a while but it just sits in my closet. This weekend it was just screaming wear me! So glad I didn't toss it on the last closet clean out. :)


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