Hey guys! Today I'm sharing something a little different than an outfit post. I am linking up with Miche over at Buttons and Birdcages for Link up the Love. I wanted to be a part of this link-up because it's all about saying something nice about someone else. What could ever go wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. 

So, here it goes. I'm sharing the love. 

  • The girls I work with are incredible! Our jobs are pretty stressful (I'd say) and we keep each other laughing and smiling. It definitely keeps me going. 
  • My husband is such a great sport. He takes my blog photos for me, cooks me dinner almost every night and brings all my great ideas for our home to real life. Oh, and he knows how to handle my feisty personality. He's the greatest. 
  • My family supports me in everything I do and listen to my crazy stories/rants -more than I'm sure they want to. I love that. 
  • I have readers/followers on my blog... and more than one. That's pretty incredible. Thank you so much for following along and showing interest in what I'm sharing. 
  • Keeping with the blog theme, I never expected to bond with people through my blog that I've never even met. Two ladies that come to mind... and who consistently show love on my page are Meagan from Because of Jackie and Madeline from Cassidy Lou. Thank you ladies for your continued support! 
  • I recently read about a tragic accident with a fellow blogger. From that moment I felt a deep connection, one I still don't quite understand, with her and her story. I know that connection started for a reason. I believe I stumbled upon her that day, at that specific time, for a reason... and for that, I'm thankful. She's one of the strongest ladies I know... and I don't even know her. She may change my life and not even know it. 

I could be here all day long listing the great people I am surrounded by. There are things I see every day that make my heart smile. I think it's good practice to keep those vivid in the mind.

How are you feeling at the moment? What have you seen/experienced recently that's worth sharing? I know I'd love to hear it. 

Happy Tuesday y'all! 


  1. Isn't it crazy the connections we make with people we've never and may never meet? I've definitely had that experience in blogging as well. Your last bullet point really struck me, I truly believe things like that happen for a reason. Thanks so much for linking up with me, glad I stumbled across your blog :)

    1. It is so crazy, but I really enjoy it! It's great to connect with people you would have never known.

      Glad I found your blog as well! :)

  2. I know what you mean about blog friends... it's incredible how much support you can get from people you "meet" online :)