Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.. and hopefully a nice Monday off from work. I definitely enjoyed sleeping in. 

I've been seeing "Welcome Fall" everywhere I turn and part of me is a little bit jealous. You see here in Texas, we have at least another month, maybe two of Summer weather. I'm kind of not excited about it. I am beyond ready to wear sweaters, boots and layers. 

Until then, I guess I'll still be dressing for Summer. That doesn't mean that I won't be shopping for Fall... I've already started that! 

I can't say I don't love September though. Chris and I got married in September (two years on the 29th!), a great friend has her birthday this month (and this year's the big 3-0) AND we get to enjoy the State Fair! There's nothing to complain about there. 

So since I'm still dressing for Summer (not by choice), I thought I'd share this cute shift dress from Shop At Obsession. I won a giveaway a while back, so excited because I actually won (I never do) and decided to get something that I wouldn't typically purchase. I really liked all of the bright colors and the geometric pattern. Plus, I'm sure I can figure out a way to transition this to the cooler weather. 

Necklace: The Oxford Trunk (sold out)
Navy/Gold Bracelet: Stella & Dot Courage Bracelet
Wishbone Ring: Urban Outfitters

I was a bit worried on how it would fit me considering I was at least 5 inches shorter than the model wearing it. I feel like it could be just a tad bit shorter (for me), but it works with it's current length too. And surprise, surprise - Chris really liked it! I swear, I can't figure that guy out. 

So, are you just as excited as me about Fall or do you prefer for Summer to stick around? 


  1. Cute look! I'm always worried about shift dresses since they aren't form fitting but this one is really cute!

    September is a pretty awesome month :) Maybe fall will decide to show up a little early and make it even better!

    1. Thanks Kaytie! Me too. I tried it on a few different times and couldn't decide if it looked weird or if it was just a look I wasn't used to wearing. After I wore it out I really liked it though!