Today marks two years that I have been a wifey. Can you believe that?! I can't. It seems like just yesterday I was a running around stressed out, trying to make sure everything was perfect for our special day. 

Now, I sit here looking back at all the photos (for the 99th time this year) and wish I could re-live that day just one more time. It was absolutely perfect! 

I married the guy I started dating Sophomore year of high school. It blows my mind when I actually sit and think about it. He's seen me in so many phases of my life (some not so great) and will see me in so many more.

I can't wait to see what year three has in store for us. Happy Anniversary to my other half. 

Here are some of my favorites from our day. Enjoy! 

Photography: Kendra Wallace Photography 


  1. Absolutely love the photos! So cute and congrats!

    If you have a second I would love to hear your thoughts on my most recent blog post. XXOO