Have you guys heard of Chat Books? It's something that caught my attention recently and after looking into it a bit more I am really liking it. 

Basically, it's a 6"x6" book of your photos. You can either link it to you Instagram account and have all of those photos create your books or after downloading the app you can upload your own photos and select which images you want printed. 

It's easy to re-arrange, organize, change the cover, etc. Also, based on your selection it will put all your images in chronological order. Holla! 

The best part, it's only $6 for 60 pages + free shipping... now that... is awesome! Of course you have another option of 300 pages; those books start at $6 + $2.95 shipping. Still, not a bad deal.

Seriously, me talking about it doesn't really do it justice. Feel free to check them out along with some images of their products here

I haven't ordered one yet, but count me in. I'll have mine ready to go by the end of the week. If you get one, share it on Instagram with #signingstephloveschatbooks. I'd love to see what you got!

PS - this isn't a sponsored post. I just really like these little books. :)

In other news. I planned on having an outfit post ready for today, but Saturday Chris and I picked up the newest member of the Ryan family. Meet Ollie. 

She's required quite a bit of attention since we got her. Plus, I needed time to love on her. 

I'll be back up and running with outfit posts in no time. Until then, enjoy making your books and oohing over my new cute pup. 

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