Dress: TJ Maxx (old), similar HERE and HERE  (both under $20)- Jean Jacket: TJ Maxx (old), save HERE, splurge HERE - Tassel Necklace: The Happy Goose Shop, Watch: Michael Kors, Sandals: Windsor Store (last year), option HERE and HERE (both under $20), Lip gloss: MAC Infinitely Likable

I sit here trying to type a blog post as my dogs, who were completely chill two seconds ago go round and round my chair, shaking the desk and sounding like their are about to tear each others throats out. Chris says they're playing. I think they're testing my patience.

A new puppy, the pressure of this damn test (can it please be over), another dog that is set in his ways and intense work hours have me ready to jump in the car and drive to never, never land.

I'm dreaming of a day where I'm cruising in my car, windows down, sun shining, jamming to Mumford and Sons with not a care in the world.

Instead, I'm coughing up a lung, watching the rain fall out my dining room window while I study my life away. I know what you're all thinking, because I'm thinking it myself. You signed up for this test, quit bitching about it. Get it together, Stephanie. But what's having a blog if you can't say exactly what you're feeling at the moment?

At this exact moment, I'm not feeling like a chic fashion blogger whose life is filled with bliss. I am indeed feeling like I want to pull my hair out, crawl into a ball and hide under the covers until the beginning of May. But then I think about a few other people that are going through hard times, extremely hard times and I pull myself together.

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. 

Sometimes you need a good reminder to whip your ass back in shape.

Another thing that instantly makes me happy. Tassels. Have you guys fallen in love with tassels for Spring yet? If not, you need to.

I recently purchased a tassel bracelet and necklace (along with some other goodies) from The Happy Goose Shop. Can't stop. Won't stop.

You need to check out this online boutique.

I am completely obsessed and living vicariously through Lindsay currently, or at least until I can fathom opening up my own online boutique. That's another post, for another day.

So, how are you guys feeling at the moment? And what's your obsession for this Spring?

Until next time.

PS - you can also see this dress (and the incredible back) styled differently here.


  1. I do the same thing in the Summer and it is magic to me…roll down the windows and blast Mumford, it is my pure happy place. Can it come soon?

    1. I sure hope so! One of my favorite things to do.

  2. I love this look. And the wall choice for the photos. I'd love to take some photos there after all of this for the blog. So, don't forget the location!

    1. Thanks! We can definitely get some shots there. You just tell me when. It's in Deep Ellum!

  3. This is beautiful! Such a pretty, easy spring look! And I hope things get better for you soon!!!

    1. Thanks so much! Things have definitely gotten better. My test is over and I'm back to my old self. haha. I'm sure a lot of people appreciate that... especially my husband. :)

  4. That lighting!! Those colors!! Love this Steph.


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