Dress: Smokin' Hot Studio (If not available, I've linked options HERE, HERE and a plus size option HERE)
Shoes: Amazon (Additional 20% off fashion items with promo code: FUN20SUN)

I think it's safe to say that I might live in the dress every time I'm at the lake. It is the most comfortable maxi dress I own, no doubt. And can we talk about the fact that it's tie dye... I die. I just had a total Rachel Zoe moment. 

As I was on my way to snap photos for this post I realized I was pretty much dressed for the fourth of July, minus the fact that I'd be rockin' my cons instead of platform sandals. So, warning you now - this will make another appearance come July, don't judge. 

And really, it's no surprise that I'm wearing this necklace again. I can't stop wearing it. I struggle with sharing it because it's no longer available and I can't find anything remotely close to it, but I'm hoping that it inspires you to go bold and mix it up with something you currently own. 

In other news, I'm off to my girl friends house after work to help her purge the closet and prepare for purchasing new items. She offered to supply the food and wine in exchange for my services... and I agreed only if she allowed me to snap some photos of the process for the blog. But for real, I would have gladly helped her even if she didn't allow the camera! 

So, hopefully next week (if not then, soon) I will be sharing the process of purging, selecting items to keep and/or mixing and matching looks to make the best out of the pieces she owns. I'm nervous about it because I've only ever done this for myself, but I'm excited to try something new and can't wait to see the end result! 

Here's to trying to new things and being completely honored by the fact that she trusts me with such a task! 

Happy weekend y'all! Be safe and as always, thanks for following along! 


  1. Oh man, I seriously love a tie dye ANYTHING, and this dress looks so comfortable and easy, yet fun and cute. LOVE!