Shorts: Target (similar here and here
Bandeau: VS PINK (similar here
Sandals: American Eagle - sold out (also cute here and here - both on sale + additional 40% off) 
Clutch: Target (under $20!) 
Lipgloss: NYX
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Honey Love 

Such a chill look for today's post. After laying on the beach all day, sun tanning and wave crashing (I know, hard life) I didn't really feel like putting much effort into getting ready to hit the town with my peeps.

Instead of dressing up, I settled for a loose tank, jean shorts - with a little crochet detail - and my super fun Target clutch that I've been dying to carry. I bought it randomly (because I just had to have it) and then it's been sitting in my room. Crazy how that works, huh?! But for real, is it not super fun? I love it!

But I kinda love a lot of pieces from this look.

One, the sandals. Caught them on sale at American Eagle (currently sold out, sorry!) and absolutely love them. Two, the shorts. I was torn on these and actually needed Chris to talk me into wearing them. They're a little shorter than I would normally do, but I just couldn't justify buying them and thinking they were so cute, yet never wearing 'em. Girls are so difficult! Anyway, I'm pleasantly surprised on how much I ended up liking them. Yes they're short, but hey, I was at the beach. :)

Third, we already know how I feel about the clutch so next,  the lipgloss! It's NYX (an all time fave) and the color is on point... oops, correction - on fleek. So bright, so fun and oh so good. It's lightweight, easy to apply and inexpensive. One thing to keep in mind - when it's super windy outside and your hair is down, not a great idea. I smeared it across my face at one point. Not cute.

So, what's your beach look? I'm a mix between fun girly dresses and chill looks like this one.

Thanks for reading, following, sharing and just plain stickin' around! I always appreciate it.