Dress: Rio Ritz (sold out, sorry!), also cute and cute 
Sandals: Windsor (old), similar 
Lipstick: NYX Spice Cake
Sunglasses: Marshall's, similar 

I feel like I'm raving about a piece of clothing every time I do a blog post, but... if it's good, it's good. And this dress is good!

Even though it's simple and the colors are neutral, there's just something about it that makes me smile. I think it's the fact that all you want to do when putting it on is spin around in circles. Yep, I definitely gave it a few spins!

In my opinion, the shape and the cut-out piece in the back offset the simplicity of the dress. I had no idea the back had a cut-out, but what a pleasant surprise that was when opening the package. The pieces that make you squeal because they're so cute are the best ones! It definitely got an "EEK"!

I didn't want to overdress it with a ton of accessories and layers, instead I paired basic sandals and a bright lip. Perfect for summer!

When it's cooler outside, this will also be a good piece for Fall... let the layering begin. A cute jacket, scarf and boots and you're all set. Can't wait to share it styled another way!

What are you guys up to this weekend? I don't have any plans and I kinda like it. You can always shop if you're bored... this is the last weekend for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. After August 2nd all prices go back up!

OH, and this is kind of random, but I never gave an update. I got my test results back for my professional exam and I PASSED! I can't even believe it. I swear I checked the site over and over again, just to make sure they didn't make a mistake. haha. So much for giving myself credit! Now that the wait is over - I can breathe. Ahhh.

Happy weekend ladies!

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