You guys, it's been one of those weeks. A busy week with work and my personal life and a week full of problems. How is it that your busy week also happens to be your crazy week? Can I just have my cake and eat it too? Really. 

Needless to say, I'm glad it's Friday. 

On a much more exciting note - how much do you love this wall? It's kinda creepy, kinda cool. I loved it. I thought it was meant to be since I just happened to be dressed like it was made for me that day. Cool, huh? It wasn't even planned! 

Other than the wall there's nothing too exciting about this look. It's a simple one. But I will say, this top is another one from the Soft and Sexy line that American Eagle carries... and you need it in your life. 

I also posted this tank from the same line a while back. So soft and easily transitioned into Fall with a few layers.

When Fall finally arrives that is. 

Happy weekend y'all! Make it a good one. 

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