Jeans: American Eagle (Hi-Rise jeggings) 

I can't let you guys down, I need to tell you a bit about my journey on Sunday shopping with my sister. 

She closed on her house last week and needed new furniture. I was so excited to go with her to pick everything out but didn't want my opinion on what I like overpower what she really wanted. 

This is the first time my sister is getting to pick all new stuff from scratch so I wasn't exactly sure what her style was. I mean, I know my sister and I know what she likes and doesn't but with a brand new house, I wasn't sure what to expect. 

It was a long day. Not that she couldn't decide because she definitely did - it was just a long day. Furniture shopping is exhausting. Who knew?! 

To start off we met at Target. We wanted to get some of the easy decisions made before we actually tackled a huge furniture store. 

Well, here's how it started. We were in Target for less than 5 minutes (literally) when we picked out a dresser for Emma and tried to put it in the cart. Get two sisters together and what do you get? The giggles. 

What happens when you get the giggles and you're both 5' tall or less? You almost drop the heavy ass furniture that you're trying to get in the cart. Meanwhile, Mom's calling. She wants updates... and photos. Oh, and FaceTime. Really? Can you say dysfunctional? 

Needless to say, the furniture ended up on the bottom rack of the cart. We never accomplished actually lifting it high enough to get into the cart. Next up - side table, with a drawer.

Do you think we were able to put the side table in the cart without something going sideways? Nope. The drawer flies out, I try to catch it and smash Staci's finger. 10 minutes in. It was a long ass day. 

And we hadn't even made it to Ashley furniture. 

I would like to say that we finally got our acts together when we got to that store. We were on a mission and we got some stuff done, I tell ya. We were flying through there like no other picking out things left and right. I think we did good. We'll see when it all gets delivered and sitting in the rooms together. Oh lord, please let everything flow. 

I say that but I know it will. We did great. I can't wait to see everything come together for her. It's so exciting getting to be a part of such big decisions! 

Oh but wait - I didn't share our mattress store adventures. She might kill me for this one. But what are sisters for? 

Picking out mattresses was quite smooth actually, what a relief. BUT, I don't know if it's because my sister (like me) had a gazillion things running through her mind or what but she could not - for the life of her - spell mattress. It was hilarious! 

I had noticed it on her pad of paper earlier in the day but decided not to say anything. I typically call people out on stuff but I thought I'd cut her some slack. Until... it happened again. 

So, she's writing a check. She puts the total, starts filling out the name... M-a-s.... Me: Um... that's not how you spell mattress. 

Her: Shit. Let me get a new check. Fills out the total, starts writing the name. Okay, I got this. M-a-t-e.... 

Me: Umm... that's still not how you spell it. haha! It was quite funny in the store. Even the sales associate couldn't keep the smirk off his face. He was trying so hard not to laugh. 

Why are the giggles so dang contagious? It might not be funny on here but man, I wish you guys could have been there. We had such a fun time! 

Eventually, three times later she was able to complete the dang check. We might have had to walk her through it. I'm not sure. 

It's okay, Stac. I won't tell anyone else! 

Anyway, sometimes it's good to just open up about your life and let others see what really goes on day to day. Blogging can look so glamorous but behind it all we're just real people. Real and dysfunctional. At least for me. 

And I like sharing these stories so one day I can look back at all the memories and laughs we had. Laughing is by far my favorite thing, especially the laughs that make you cry. 

Last weekend was full of those. 

Here's to a new weekend and lots of laughs! Thanks for following along, friends. 


  1. Love the oversized plaid shirt for a casual vibe. Have a great weekend!