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Fall Turtleneck_Flannel_Converse

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Fall Flannel_Turtleneck_Converse


Sweater: Boohoo 
Flannel: Old Navy 

The holidays are approaching you guys and I can't be more excited. I think the cool weather is finally here to stay also! 

You can tell I didn't quite plan this outfit perfectly with the weather here in Dallas. I was freezing when taking these photos. I originally planned to post these looks last week, but it was raining the entire weekend before that which meant no blog photos. 

I've come to realize I need a really cute umbrella (I'm loving this from Target and this from Urban Outfitters) so that the rain doesn't completely mess up my plans. Long story short, the weather cooled down a lot from the weekend before last to this past weekend. I survived that's all that matters. 

So, assuming that you're not in completely freezing temperatures I think this is a good second option for styling an oversized, fall sweater. Can I let you in on a little secret? The flannel underneath is actually pajamas from Old Navy! For real.  

I don't care either way. Would you have known if I didn't tell you? Probably not. Plus, I'm walking around comfortable as hell because I'm actually in PJs. haha. I also blame whoever styled the flannel in store. It was in the PJ section (kind of) but it was styled underneath a graphic sweater and looked adorable. So... it is what it is.

I also think this would look cute with a pair of boots and tall socks. OR, just add a pair of holiday socks and hang out on the sofa. I'm down for either. 

Can you tell I'm excited for the holidays? I pretty much wear my candy cane red PJ pants all year long. I love this time of year. 

Good food, lots of laughs, comfy clothes and quality time with family. It doesn't get better than that. Plus, I love giving people gifts so there's that. 

Anyway, I'm way off track from where this post started. My bad. 

Hope you guys are having a great week. I'm on PTO tomorrow and Friday, yippee! The hubs is taking me fishing... he's overly ecstatic. Gotta love him. 

So how do you feel about hiding PJs under your outfit and pretending it's an actual top? 

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  1. I love this! I have a long plaid dress from Target that would look really cute layered under a sweater. I'm trying it!