It's time for another Instagram round-up! I think it's pretty well known that Instagram is my favorite for social media. People have gotten a lot of backlash on the photos just being pretty to look at and not showing our "real" lives.

While that is true (mostly), we are who we are and we like to look at pretty photos. Isn't this how Pinterest got started?

Anyway, Snapchat is also on the up and up... well, it has been for a while but I haven't given in just yet. I think part of it is that I'm not sure I have enough to say, or that people even care about where I'm going and what I'm doing all day, everyday. Or maybe they do? Another reason why I can't bring myself to click 'live' on the Periscope app. There's something about hearing myself talk and seeing my not so great angle when the camera is looking directly at my face.

I'll come around. In the meantime, here's what I've been up to on Insta and where you can purchase most of the items, if you're feeling ever so inclined.
My favorite photo of Chris and I from all of 2015. And maybe ever. Love him. Can we talk about that hair swoop?! :) | Eye Ring (on sale for $10!)| Lipstick | Necklace | Sweater (currently sold out) | Jeggings |

Waiting on my friends for NYE and trying to entertain myself. We had a PJ party. It was perfection. 
Sweater | (on sale for $10 and I love it! I wear it at least once a week) 

None other than another favorite piece. This cardi. I'll be so upset when it's too warm to wear it. And how about Ollie, she's becoming a pro at selfies! 
Cardigan | Tights | Dress and Booties old

Necklace (sold out) | Piko | Boot option, option and option (these exact ones sold out - sorry!) | Cardigan (old) 

Chi travel set - makes work travel a little better! | Similar

Needed to get through the first couple of weeks back after the holidays. Have you tried essential oils? They can become quite addicting. If you're interested let me know! 

Tee (my favorite basic tee - on sale!) | Scarf  (on sale too!) | Cardigan | OTK Boots

Top (so soft!) | Scarf | Booties | Jeggings | Rug | Bedding 


  1. I can't get into Snapchat, either! I feel like I'm involved a bit too much with Insta and Facebook and such as it is, why does every single part of our lives need to be broadcasted? Ha.

    1. Exactly! Glad I'm not the only one. I see more and more bloggers snap chatting everyday and I just can't get into it.