Overalls (on sale for under $30!) | Tank | Shoes 

It's not Friday without sharing a fun new post about overalls! Have y'all noticed that overalls are everywhere at the moment?

I've seen so many cute styles - fitted, baggy and cute short styles. I'll take one of each, please!

Last weekend I stepped out with a girlfriend and shot a few different looks. Fun and girly from Monday's post, overalls for today and a dress from a new boutique that I can't wait to tell you all about! Stay tuned for Tuesday's post - it includes a sneak peek and a fun link-up with a ton of other bloggers.

Now back to overalls. Is it a trend that y'all have jumped on? I have been eyeing overalls for a while now and found a cute pair (for 40% off) at Old Navy the other day. Tried them on and couldn't put them back. I really, really wanted the denim pair but they were sold out.

White is perfect for Spring and Summer though... as long as I can stay away from mustard, chocolate, dirt... you know, everything.

If you feel brave enough to try a pair, I highly recommend them. There are so many cute ways to style them these days. Throw on a casual top and sneakers, pair skinny overalls with pumps and a blouse or even add another current trend - off the shoulder tops - and a cute pair of sandals. I'm telling you, overalls is where it's at!

Can't wait to style and share these babies again.

I've linked the pair in today's post above, but below are some of my other favorites at the moment. Can't leave out the other biggest trend of the season - my picks for off the shoulder tops also below.

Happy Friday, y'all! Hope it's a long, great weekend.


  1. I love these on you! I tried to find these at Old Navy, but they had none left, and the sizes online were missing...grrrrr! I got a more expensive pair that I adore, but I am always looking for the chaper option;)