Rise and shine, friends! 

Hopefully everyone is up and not too badly hung over from Cinco de Mayo festivities. 

Speaking of - did y'all see our twelve TEN post yesterday?! I'll give you a hint... miniature pinatas and lashes. You have to check it out, I'm dying! 

Anyway, sorry I've been MIA this week. My life has officially gone nuts... as if it weren't before. 

I'm kind of feeling how I think new parents feel. Like what did I do with my time before I had a second/third job?! This full time interior design gig + the blog + the boutique is serious business, y'all. 

But don't fret - I'm here and I'm hanging and I plan to keep it all together. On top of my full time job and launching your new favorite shopping spot (see what I did there?), I'm also going to continue (as consistently as possible) to share stories, updates and of course outfits with you on here. 

This is my baby after all. 

So let's get to it. 

Casual weekend look wearing a simple denim dress and lace up sandals

How to accessorize a basic denim dress

Weekend summer outfit with colorful lace up sandals and denim frayed dress

Easy weekend style in denim dress, black wool hat and lace up sandals

Are you completely obsessed with this dress yet?! It is my new favorite for sure! It's comfortable, casual and chic. You can dress it up or down (I always say that but it's true!) and wear it in the spring, summer and fall. So - how about that? 

Pair it with another huge trend this year (lace-ups) and what do you get? A fun and semi-boho look. Not feeling the boho vibes? Ditch the hat, throw on a chunky necklace and grab a fun patterned clutch for a more city girl look. I'm telling you - so versatile. 

You need it in your life. 

I plan on over-wearing this entire outfit for sure. I already have it picked out for my upcoming trip to NOLA... I'm thinking airport style. That's next weekend and I'm beyond excited to spend it with my girls! And by girls I mean my mom, my sister, my grandma and my aunt. It's gonna be so. much. fun! 

I'll try to get with the times and actually snap throughout my trip. I'm still not officially on the Snapchat bandwagon... we'll see. 

Have you been to NOLA? I'd love your feedback on go-to spots! 

Thanks for stopping by and hanging out. Have a great weekend!

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