Knit Top paired with white jeans and chloe dupe for summer date night

Recreate the look! 

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend! 

I've had this look in my back pocket for a while now but haven't made the time to turn it into a blog post. I'm kind of mad at myself for that, because now most of these pieces aren't available. I did however find some similar items that would easily recreate this look, if you feel so inclined! 

You can find those items linked above. 

A few posts ago I was raving about my love for white jeans. It's funny to me that I love them so much, considering every time I wear them I am hittin' the Shout that night to get whatever stain out. It's impossible for me to keep white clean. Anyone else? 

Anyway, this has nothing to do with today's outfit, but I wanted to let you guys in on a little secret. My all time favorite boyfriend tee is on sale for $10! I stopped by Kohl's yesterday and Chris talked me into getting four. FOUR. But, I left with four things for $40... now that's awesome! 

I could easily wear an XS in those, for reference. But, I usually get a small because I want it to be more of loose fit. You know, a boyfriend fit. Hence the name. Just in case you're planning on stocking up, too. 

To be honest, it's going to be really hard for me to not wear all four this week. I'm a sucker for basics.

I'm already thinking about which one I wanna pair with these white jeans. Creature of habit. Shoot me. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy your week! If you're in Texas, or somewhere equally as hot, don't melt away from this brutal heat. It was a beast this weekend. 

So much so that Ollie and Chester got their own personal pool. Can you say spoiled?! 

I'll catch y'all later. Until next time! 

Summer day look with white jeans, coral top and platform sandals

Wearing coral stud earrings with loose waves and knit top

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