It's official, my baby brother is married! We headed to Vegas last week for his wedding and stayed a couple of extra days as a family.

I'll just start by saying that it was a whirlwind. Isn't Vegas, always?

My mom, step dad, grandma, brother and Lauren (his wife) headed out on Sunday morning. Chris and I had to make arrangements for our pups, so we decided to join in on the fun Monday morning. My sister followed behind after work on Monday and joined us that night.

I knew Vegas was going to be a handful when my mom was face timing on Sunday at 10:00 (Vegas time), after they had been traveling all day. Lots of giggles, inappropriate pictures and too much alcohol had already been consumed. Glad I wasn't there that day! Long story short, they were all dragging a bit when Chris and I showed up the next day.

Word of advice. Never party hard on the first day.

The wedding was scheduled for Tuesday, so Monday we kept it pretty casual strolling the strip and hitting up the black jack tables. Black jack tables are addicting. Like, really.

We were so tired from traveling, but somehow when you're in Vegas you just rally and keep on going. Plus, we were only there for a few days, so we didn't want to waste one minute. I won't bore you with all of the details from our day - let's get to the juicy stuff.

My sister was scheduled to land around 9:30pm. Chris and I decided to go to the room for a bit and head back down when she got there. It took me approximately 2 seconds to fall asleep. My head literally hit the bed and I was out. That never happens. As soon as I'm falling into a deep sleep, my sister texts - "I'm here"!

I assumed she would be ready for bed - it was now midnight Texas time and she worked that day and then traveled. But when we got downstairs and she was all smiles, I knew our asses wouldn't be in bed anytime soon. And I was right. My mom came down too, to make sure she arrived okay and to get her settled into a room.

Y'all. My mom had been sleeping too. She comes down with her hair all over her head. In the middle of the casino! ha! It was too much.

She just thought she was coming down for a quick second. Nope. She got sucked in also. We got Staci settled in our room and headed back down to hit up the black jack tables. What were we thinking?! We had the wedding the next morning!

We ended up staying downstairs until about 1:00 or 1:30 and then forced ourselves to bed (Chris decided to stay down). Or maybe we lost all of our money. I can't remember. JK, JK. We hadn't lost all our money. Yet.

And this is when things get crazy. Chris finally made it back to the room at 2:30am. He was all Chatty Cathy and wanting to tell me all about his adventures at the table. Really?! My sister said I muttered something to him and went back to sleep. Second word of advice - never wake a sleeping girl.

5:30am rolls around and Chris was up doing something in the room. Somehow it woke my sister and I up and then they start talking. Stac said something about roulette and Chris joked "well let's go". Next thing I see (in the dark), my sisters shadow sitting up in the bed. She wasn't joking. So, what do we do?! Drag our butts out of bed (on 4 hours of sleep!), brush our teeth, wash our faces and head back down to the casino. Thank goodness for Starbucks!

We quickly lost money and finally decided to go back up to the room. Not with enough time to catch a nap though; it was time to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous! We drove for about an hour and half to The Valley of Fire State Park. Have you guys been there? It really was stunning! The ceremony was quick (aren't they always?), and then we headed back to Vegas... but not before popping the champs!

OH, and I must tell you this part. My family is so dysfunctional. Lauren fits in perfectly with us, but her family is more reserved. Not a bad thing at all... but when you mix dysfunction with reserved you're bound to get something wild.

Again, Staci and Chris (do you see the common denominator here) dared Jordan to moon the parents as they drove past the limo. It didn't take him long to agree. Next thing I know, we're waving their car toward us, as if we had something important to show them, and Jordan was unbuckling his pants. HAHA! I'm dying now just thinking about it again.

Their car quickly approached as Lauren's mom pulls out the camera, expecting that she will be able to get a good photo of Jordan and Lauren with the window down. What she was not expecting is to see her new son-in-laws butt hanging out the window! It took her a moment to realize what was happening - and then she screamed. It was HILAR. Maybe the best part of our ride back.

We grabbed lunch as a group when we got back and then what? Hit the black jack tables of course!

The post is getting pretty long, so I'll try to make it quick.

My brother decided that he wanted to jump off the Stratosphere (so crazy)! You can catch that video here. I wish I would have done it with him. It looked like so much fun!

After that, we hit downtown Vegas, I stepped in a lugi (disgusting!) and then we headed back.... to the black jack tables.


I wish I had more recommendations for you guys, but honestly, it was such a quick trip! My sister is already wanting to plan another one.

Have you been to Vegas? What are some of your favorite places to stay and eat? You know, just in case we plan another visit in the near future.

I hope today's post offered you just a bit of entertainment. My family is crazy. The end.

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