Hello again! New post today, sharing my all time favorite cardigan, which is on sale by the way! 


I was scrolling through American Eagle's sale items the other day and came across this colorful cardigan. Why it's on clearance, no idea, but you should totally take advantage and snag it now for under $25! I'm telling you, everyone loved it. I got so many compliments the day I wore it.

I like it so much so that I wore it that Friday and Sunday... in the same weekend. Ha! No shame.

It's comfortable and a thick material, so it's good for the cooler months. I dressed it down here, but it would also look great with tall boots or booties.

While I was shopping, I found these jeans from AE, too. I've mentioned before, but AE jeans fit me and I'm hooked. I've never gotten a pair of the ankle jeggings, but I really really like these. They are stretchy and comfortable. And they make your butt look good. Bonus!

I'm always a sucker for distressed jeans, but with being able to wear jeans to work, I needed to add another non-distressed pair. Seriously, I wear the same jeans to work - over and over. Hopefully no one is judging me!

Anyway, pretty casual look, but with everyone loving the cardigan I knew I needed to share. Working on a post with my favorite tall, over the knee and thigh-high boots. Coming to the blog soon. Stay tuned!

Until next time.