What to wear for Valentine's Day

Today I bring you a Valentine's Day special. It's not quite February yet, I know, but I wanted to give you plenty of time to prepare. I like to be prepared. 

So, I've been holding on to this cute dress for quite some time. Long enough for this color to be sold out (of freakin' course!), but the black is still available and equally as cute. Most people probably feel more comfortable in black anyway. Yeah? 

Moving on. 

So, Valentine's Day. Some of us love it, some of us hate it. I know one of my friends who is already wishing February away. She has the worst luck... she even broke her arm a few years ago, in February (what a B!). But anyway, so sidetracked. Today I am sharing an easy, but dressed up (my idea of dressed up) look for a date night, if you choose to have one. Chris I usually don't go all out for Valentine's Day, but at minimum we will go see a movie or head to dinner. What do you guys usually do? 

One thing I prefer for Valentine's Day is to not get overly dressed up in something that I will never wear again. When I bought this dress I just got it because I liked it, no special occasion in mind. But what I love about it is that I can wear it on Valentine's Day, or to work, or a wedding - anything really. If you know me, you know I love pieces that I can wear so many different ways. 

As if the back peep hole isn't flirty enough (isn't it the cutest?!), I also think adding a "pop" of leopard  screams date night, and sass. Both essential. Especially for V-Day. I also thought about pairing this dress with leopard pumps, but the peep-toe booties are more my style. Side note - if I were to pair it with leopard pumps I would NOT also carry the leopard clutch. Too matchy, matchy. Please don't do that. 

An added pop with some jewels and a pretty pink lip and you've got yourself a chic date night look. My necklace came in this month's Rocksbox and I am feelin' it. I think I'm going to buy this one. I like the aztec feel of it - not too dressy, but the right amount bold. You know? If you haven't tried out Rocksbox and you're an accessory lover, you totally should. Yep, I just said totally. And just 'cause I love ya - you can get one month free with code: signinstephxoxo. #yourewelcome #isthathashtagoldyet

If you happen to be a more casual girl, I've also linked a few pretty tops that I think are perfect for Valentine's Day, and of course any other day after that. Keep scrollin' and you'll find the treasure! 

Aside from a typical date night, or Valentine's look, I wanted to mention a few places that I would recommend going - if you're here in Dallas. And just an FYI - I'm pretty low key and casual, so these definitely fit that description. If you're looking for more high-dollar, big spender kinda date night - well, uh... I'll catch ya later. 

STIRR - I haven't been here, but it looks so cool. So damn cool. I can't wait to go. The menu looks good also. I mean, I guess you gotta eat, right? I'm more for the decor. Ha! 

LUCK (or any of the places in Trinity Groves) - It's just a cool place to hang out. And who knows what the weather will be like. It might be sunny and 70, and if it is, I recommend hitting up this area. So many great outdoor seats. But also cool if you need to be indoors. I like LUCK, it's local food and craft beer. What's not to like? 

KATE WEISER CHOCOLATE - If you happen to go to LUCK or Trinity Groves in general, promise me that you'll stop here. This is a MUST on Valentine's Day. Don't waste your money on store bought chocolate. Treat yourself, or your man, or your lady with some of Kate's chocolates. And I know she'll have some specific for Valentine's Day. So freaking good. 

EL BOLERO - Um, another cool space. I can't help myself. It's also really good food though. Not your typical tex-mex, but a step up. Give it a try if you're looking for something different. 

RODEO GOAT - Now if you wanna get real down and dirty and keep it real casual, this is your place. Their burgers are the bomb. I especially like the Mike Rawlings. The end. 

Also, another side note - where my hairstylist at? Those grays are legit. Keepin' it real, y'all. No editing here. Damn 30, you whore! But for real though - I need my hair girl back! Havin' babies and stuff. Ha! 

Okay y'all, I'm done. Hope you have a good Monday! Don't forget to find pieces from todays look + some other cute Valentine's Day options below. 

Much love! 
What to Wear for Valentine's Day Date Night
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  1. I made the blog :) haha - go away February!

    cute dress! I love it! And Kate Weiser Chocolate - so good! we need to go there on our next girls day!

    1. Haha - you did! Thanks! And yes, next time we're hanging in Dallas we need to go there!

  2. You are so well prepared for Valentine's Day already! Love the back details of it!

    xx Margaret

  3. love the keyhole in the back & the versatility of the dress. You'll wear it a ton!

    xo, Maddy

  4. Love this dress girl and you look gorgeous! I've been looking for something similar for Valentines that I can pair with booties so I will have to check this out! Hope you are having a great week!

    xx Kelli
    Lovely in Gold

    1. Thanks so much, Kelli! Definitely check it out! It was sold out in this color, but fingers crossed its back in stock. It was available in black though, that would be equally as cute. Hope you had a great week as well!