Hey girls, hey! That just seemed like the appropriate intro with the leading pic. 

But anyway. It's Wednesday, y'all! PTL. I am so stoked for this weekend. I got a press pass for a fashion show happening in Dallas on Saturday and I can hardly contain my excitement. 


Ahh, I'm freaking out! I don't have much to talk about yet, but I will be doing a blog post after the fashion show, as well as showing snippets during the event. Follow me on Instagram to see bits and pieces from the night on Insta Stories. Eek! 

Now let's dive into this look. I LOVE this top. It's the perfect acid wash shade, with an oversized boyfriend fit. It just screams casual weekend vibes, and I'm all about that life.  It's a twelve TEN piece, and available for $40! I can't wait to carry it into summer as well. Pair it with some cute cut-offs or even over your swimsuit. So many options, ladies! 

Speaking of twelve TEN. We are hustling and working on an upcoming event this February. I cannot wait. I think there's something special about meeting people in person - getting to know your customers, as well as sharing more about yourself and the company to them as well. Not to mention, our pieces are awesome (shameless plug) and they're even better in person! I can't wait to get everyone's feedback and be able to share more about how our first event goes. 

If you don't currently follow us on social media, you should. Find us on Instagram here and Facebook here. You can also shop our site here

Take a look around - tell us what you love, and what you wanna see in the future! We got some new goodies at market recently and I can't wait for them to launch! 

What are some of your favorite small business shops - you know, in addition to twelve TEN? Ha!

OH, and one more thing I wanted to share before I head on my way. This past weekend I spent a pretty good chunk of time at Drugstore Cowboy in Deep Ellum. Have y'all been there? It's a Coffee Bar. Yes, bar. But you can get your drinks without alcohol too - if you'd rather. 

Anyway, it's a super cute coffee shop/bar and if you're in the area, I highly recommend you check it out. I was there on Saturday and they had live music. It was greatness! Also, somethin' a little different than Starbucks - and y'all know I love me some Starbucks. 

That's all I got for today. Keep it real, y'all. Until next time.
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Get the look! 

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