Dressing up a basic weekend look with accessories
Hey, there! I've been waiting to share this look with you guys. I love it so much! It's so easy and is packed full with some of this years biggest trends. Some people don't like trends, and some people live by them. 

I'm neutral. I don't immediately jump on the trend bandwagon, but if I think it fits my personal style, I'll eventually get with it. Skinny jeans are the perfect example. I did not like skinny jeans for the longest time - I just didn't. And now, they are all I own. Seriously. Ha! 

Anyway, so there's really nothing special about this look, it's just an easy way to dress up a basic white tee, or any casual weekend look for that matter. I'm a big fan of dressing up a look with accessories and a jacket (if the weather permits). I've probably said this a hundred times, but a few added pieces and you look more put together. I can see wearing a look like this to a sporting event (for those Moms out there!), or a day out with the girls - nothing more perfect than a cute pair of sneaks for a long day of shopping. 

Speaking of shopping - I'm on PTO today to celebrate my BFFs birthday. Yes, we're 30 - well I am - she's now 31 (!), and still call each other BFFs. Oops, sorry Katie! A little shopping, mani/pedis and lunch - couldn't ask for a better Friday! 

But back to this look. This choker - which I love because it's so dainty - is currently on sale for $12! Also, speaking of accessories - have y'all heard about SugarFix? Bauble bar and Target had a baby... and I'm in love. The pieces are so affordable and perfect for Spring! I've linked some of my favorites below. I might have purchased two separate orders already. And I think it's only a week old... 

Shoot me. 

Alrighty, so let's recap today's post since I'm all over the place. If you don't own a bomber - get one, STAT. They are easily paired with a look like this, but also with a cute Spring dress. You can dress up any basic look with some cute accessories - and they only take a couple of extra minutes in the morning. Check out this choker (on sale!), or these affordable pieces from SugarFix

Let me know if you end up trying any of these pieces. As always, I love hearing from you guys and seeing how you style your looks! 

OH, and don't forget - twelve TEN is hosting our first event tomorrow. You can find the details from Monday's blog post here. I hope to see some of you! 

Styling a basic white tee
Get the look! 

Slip on shoes paired with white tee and bomber jacket

Dressing up a white tee with a bomber jacket and bow choker necklace

Street Style wearing a basic white tee and slip on sneakers
Thanks for reading and supporting! Happy weekend!