Hey, there! Today I'm sharing both week 21 and 22 updates. We'll be 23 weeks on Friday - it's just flying by!

Size of the babies: 21 weeks - the babies were about the size of a carrot. 22 weeks - about the size of a spaghetti squash. Growing fast, I tell ya!
How I'm feeling: I've been feeling pretty good since my hospital visit. The swelling has gone way down (thank goodness!). I'm starting to feel uncomfortable while sitting for long periods, or walking for long periods. So basically I can't do one thing for a long time. haha. That gets quite difficult while sitting at a desk all day!
Pains: The same as before. Back pain, and tailbone pain. OH, and I've been introduced to heartburn. Not so fun, but I'm not on bedrest, so nothing to complain about.
What I'm eating: Nothing too specific. I actually haven't been craving anything lately.
What I'm craving: Well, I answered that one already. No cravings right now. I kind of prefer it that way!
Sleeping: It's getting a bit more difficult. I toss and turn a lot, but I'm not waking up and staying up as much in the middle of the night. It's quite the show trying to see me get in and out of bed though. Graceful is not my middle name.
Wearing: Well, mostly comfortable dresses, leggings, and jeans a couple of times a week. I need to go shopping for some actual maternity tops now. I put a couple of my basic tees on the other day, and well, they didn't cover the bottom of my stomach. Ha! Yep, I'm bigger than I thought I was.
Wishing: To keep kickin' it, and not be put on bedrest.
Babies Moving: Yes. They were partying the other day around 4:00 at work. It's crazy now that I can feel actual kicks or bigger movements. It has been fun feeling them from the outside though. Chris laid his head on my belly the other night and started talking to them. One of them kicked or punched, or something, it was funny!
Loving: The process, as much as its difficult to see and feel the changes. Pains are pains, but overall it's incredible to see what our bodies are capable of.
Doing: Just trying to get prepared overall. Dealing with a lot of the not so fun stuff (short term disability, adding them to my insurance, trying to get on a daycare list); lots of things! But also getting little outfits and nursery stuff here and there. That's the fun stuff!
Upcoming: Really just the baby shower and maternity photos. Those are the next big things... well, minus the babies getting here. Ha!

That's pretty much it. I can't believe we're over half way there. I'm excited but scared. So many emotions!

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