Maternity Style summer dress and sneakers

Happy Monday! Man, what a weekend. You know how I wanted to relax? Yeah, that didn't happen. How does that always happen? 

Even though I didn't get to relax in my PJs all day, I did have a nice productive weekend. Saturday I had a girls day with my Mom, sister, and two nieces. But wanna know exactly how the day started? Well, we get ready to leave bright and early, and right before we leave it starts raining. Not just a light rain, I'm talking crazy winds, rain coming at you at an angle kinda rain. 

We had none (zero) umbrellas in the house. Who are we?! So, what's a girl to do when we have no umbrellas and its storming like crazy? Put a trash bag over your head. Also, please make note that this is literally the only time my moms car isn't parked in the garage. Freaking figures. Okay, so trash bags on, now time to make a run for it. First I ask - Mom, is your car unlocked? Yep. (Repeat three times). Alright, let's go. 

We run (as much as a pregnant girl can), get to the car, and guess what? THE CAR WASN'T UNLOCKED. As if we weren't soaked already, the 10 additional seconds waiting for my mom to get the car unlocked definitely didn't help. And do you think we grabbed a towel to dry off? Heck no. Ugh. Not a great start to the day, although, Mom thought it was hilarious. I'm sure you can only imagine my mood. 

It's pretty funny now, but at the time, I was so over it. Ha! 

But anyway - girl's day was a success. We shopped at Old Navy, grabbed lunch, and got manis and pedis. We didn't plan to be gone all day, but do you ever? By the time we got home I was so drained. I can't hang like I used to. I was supposed to have a girl's night a couple of hours later, but after a long day, I kept it chill at home. 

After a busy Saturday my plans for Sunday were to literally shoot two looks for the blog, and then come back and hang in my PJs. My mom had other plans. Chris painted the spare bedroom so that we could set up a small nursery for the boys 1) Because Mimi feels like she needs one for her house, and 2) Because we might be living there when the babies come, until our house is complete, and they can't be without a nursery. 

I'm a sucker for shopping for home decor, especially for a nursery that I've longed for, for many years. Multiple stores, and a ton of steps later, we ended up getting everything! We're both OCD (wonder where I got it from), and had to set it up as soon as we got back home. The guys handled setting up the crib, while Mom and I planned out the gallery wall. Y'all, it turned out SO cute! I took some photos, so I'll be sharing a room tour on here soon. Stay tuned! 

After that, I was done. It was an exciting, but tiring weekend. I hope this week at work is an easy one. Next thing we need to plan for - the nursery at our actual house (in progress), the baby shower, and maternity photos. So many things flying around, and I'm almost 6 months. Holy cow! I really, really need to check some things off. 

But anyway, about today's look. I love a cute summer dress paired with sneakers. I wore this dress to work, and got a ton of compliments. Of course, now that I'm ready to share on the blog, I can't find the dress in stock. I hate when that happens! I did find some other cute options (on sale!), you can find direct links to those under the first photo above. 

Also, these sneakers are the best. They literally feel like you're walking on clouds. If you're in the market for a comfy pair of tennis shoes, these are it. Also linked above. 

And if you're not yet tired of hearing about it, be sure to check out my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks that I updated on Friday. Speaking of - its still early access, but the sale opens to the public this Friday! Some things are already selling out, but they are also restocking. Follow along on Instagram. I'll be sharing looks/details on what I've purchased, how they fit, etc. 

Until next time, friends!
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Summer Dress with sneakers and denim jacket

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Wearing sneakers and a summer dress

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  1. A denim jacket perfects any summer dress!