26 Weeks Pregnant with Twins
Cardigan (the best!) 

Size of the babies: 25 weeks they were the size of a rutabaga. Let's be honest, what the hell is that?! No clue. 26 weeks they were the size of a scallion, and now this week they are the size of a head of cauliflower. That's pretty big, y'all! Not to mention, they are both weighing ahead... so they were probably a cauliflower two weeks ago. Ha! 
How I'm feeling: Well, that varies. I feel like 25 weeks was great. I was feeling great, no sickness. Not much other than heartburn. And then 26 weeks hit me like a freight train. It was the day I left for California, and it was bad. Insert a couple of spells of dizziness, nausea and sweating and there's me. Hello, 26 weeks! Also, heartburn officially presented vomiting... and right in the middle of California. SO MUCH FUN. That continued to happen through the entire 26th week. I'm not sure if 26 weeks was cursed or what, but up until that point, I feel like I've had it pretty easy. And then last Friday came 27 weeks. Woo! 11 more to go, y'all. We had a doctors appointment, and most went well. My doctor put me on modified bedrest over the weekend, so that definitely wasn't the news I was hoping for. Luckily, I've since then seen a specialist and all is well. I'm in the clear on bedrest, at least for now. The other good news is that my doctor told me I could take Prevacid for heartburn and MY GOSH, it's a miracle worker. I feel so much better! 
Pains: Nothing really that I haven't had so far. For these three weeks, the most pain was probably the heartburn I mentioned above. And it wasn't even pain, just pure discomfort. 
What I'm eating: I ate everything under the sun in California. I'm surprised I didn't gain 10 pounds. Other than that, just whatever I could find on google when searching "foods to eat to reduce heartburn". Story. Of. My. Life. I've also been killing the fruit lately. YUM. 
What I'm craving: Nothing at all. Crazy, huh?
Sleeping: It's been okay. This week (27) has been pretty good. A little tossing and turning, but nothing to complain about. We won't talk about week 26. 
Wearing: Well, I actually feel like I'm running low on outfits. I wear the same tanks, same dresses, and same yoga pants. This belly is growing. Even my t-shirts are looking a little ridiculous at the moment. Honestly, doesn't stop me from wearing them every night though. So attractive, I know. Sorry Chris! 
Wishing: To stay off bedrest, and keep these two boys right where they are for a while longer. 
Babies Moving: Always, and it's as incredible as ever. By far my favorite part of pregnancy. My brother got to feel them the other day too. That was fun. It wasn't a small move either, it was like someone was doing a flip in there. :) 
Loving: That I'm not officially on bedrest (at least for the moment). Thank you Lord for answering our prayers! Also, we finally got to see both babies faces, and y'all.... BE STILL MY HEART. It killed me. We think they look alike... and it appears that they have some of Chris's features. Two mini Chris's. I can't. It made this pregnancy that much more real. Seeing their faces got me so excited to have them here, and be able to cuddle them. I think I look at the sonogram picture at least once a day. Something I'll cherish forever! 
Doing: Cutting my activity by 25%- doctors orders. And having my baby shower at work today. So excited! Can't wait to share it with you guys!  
Upcoming: My family and friends baby shower, and maternity photos. Also, the completion of our house is coming up soon. EEK! We might, just might have a house before the babies come. 

That's pretty much it. A lot of body changes going on over here, and feeling like I'm waddling, but whatevs. 

I'll be sharing a California update soon too, so if you're interested in that, be on the look out. 

Until next time. 


  1. you're the cutest pregnant woman! happy to hear you're not stuck on bedrest...that would be terrible. have fun at the baby showers!

    xo, Maddy

    1. You are too sweet, thank you! So glad I'm not stuck on bedrest yet either... I just need to hang in there a little bit longer!

  2. You're too cute!! Sending prayers your way!! Can't wait to see those precious babies!!! Miss you guys!!


    1. Thanks, Trish! We appreciate it, and miss you too!