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Hey, friends! I was able to go to a blogger event a couple of week ago, and wanted to share it with you guys! You probably remember me mentioning Style Collective before in this post, and about a meet-up that we had last year in this post.

Well, the event a couple of weeks ago was with the same community. Style Collective, as mentioned in the previous posts is a community and library of resources for bloggers. I can't even remember where I initially heard about it (probably Instagram), but so glad I decided to join. 

Since I've been a part of Style Collective I have learned so much about the blogging world, but have also been able to connect with my fellow Dallas ladies in person, and a ton of the other lovely ladies via social media.

Dallas Bloggers at Studio 52 Northpark
Dress (under $30 and NON-maternity!) | Lipstick | Earrings 

I'm not the most social (I think I'm super awkward), so it was definitely nerve wrecking when I decided to go to my first meet-up. I was nervous for this one as well, but a few of the ladies I previously met were there, so that was comforting. 

Anyway, we had such a lovely time at Studio 52 at Northpark. Sephora and Dillard's sponsored our event; we left with many goodies, and definitely enjoyed some complimentary appetizers and desserts. I mean, how amazing does the food look?! On top of that, I met a ton of new ladies, all of which are inspiring in their own ways.

Studio 52 Appetizers

Studio 52 Salad

Studio 52 Desserts

Studio 52 Dessert

The night included a short presentation from designer Molly Sydor, who showcased some of her recent work, as well as pieces she has created in the past. So much color, and so fun! We all chatted, laughed, shared our advice, and of course took a ton of photos. Niqui from fashncurious coordinated the entire event and did such an incredible job. We all had a blast!

Style Collective Event for Dallas Bloggers

Unfortunately, it was during the madness of NO GAS in Dallas, so a good amount of the ladies were unable to make it. Plus, there was rumor (or maybe it was reality - not sure) that people were siphoning gas (WTH?!), and everyone was a little nervous they would come and then be stranded. I mean, how crazy was that? At minimum, if we did run out of gas for a minute, I was good with just having a chill day at home. Did no one else think of that?! 

So, I was a bit bummed that I missed the rest of the ladies, but hopefully I'm able to meet up with them at the next one. 

But you know there's always a story when I'm involved, and I couldn't leave you without a bit of a mess. Prior to this event, I had not been to Studio 52. My handy-dandy map (insert sarcasm here) told me that it was near Nordstrom, right across from the AMC theatre at Northpark. UMM... not. It was really across the entire mall. 

Insert super pregnant girl, with swollen feet, and a sore tailbone who shouldn't be walking very far at all. (Figures). 

Luckily, the parking lot security/guide (not sure of their official title) drove by at the right moment and asked me if I needed a ride. Um, yes please! And y'all, it was FAR... even in the golf cart. I would have been a hot mess if I would have had to walk that. 

Anyway, the guy promised me that he would come back and pick me up at the end of the event. He kept his promise. He was right outside when I left the restaurant... only to get in the cart... and it won't start. Have I mentioned I have the worst luck ever? Yeah. 

He didn't fail me though. He called for backup, and someone came to my rescue and took me to my car. SO, thank you Northpark parking lot security for your incredible customer service. It was a good night!

Can you tell it's been a while since I've shared a story on the blog? I'm a little chatty. Let's wrap this up. 

If you're a blogger and you are in need of a community, I highly recommend Style Collective. You can check it here

If you're a non-blogger, but a frequent blog reader, I hope you enjoyed this post! The lovely ladies from the event are listed below. Go check them out and show some love.

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Liz - wittynpretty21
Alyssa - fashionablyally
Jessica - mycurlyadventures_
Suzanne - curlsandcappuccinos
Karen - karenleisha
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Michelle - michelleperezphoto
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Heather - hercommonthread

Until next time. 

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  1. bless that man in the parking lot! seriously coming to your rescue haha.

    xo, Maddy