How to dress for the Magnolia Market in Waco

This past weekend was one for the books! Chris planned a small getaway for him and I on Saturday to celebrate my birthday. He organized a trip to Waco to visit the Magnolia Market, and asked my Mom to keep the boys over night.

Seems like such a small thing, but it was SO exciting and appreciated from my end. For him to take the initiative to plan the trip, organize the boys staying at my Moms, and literally walk around the market all day while I "ooh'd and ahh'd"... it's more than I could have asked for.

I keep telling him how much fun I had, and how I just loved the entire day.

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Chip and Joanna Magnolia Market

Chip & Jo Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Market - it was nothing short of amazing. It was everything I imagined and more. I left feeling so inspired! Chip and Jo have just done it right. They literally thought of everything, and I cannot wait to go back and visit again.

For me there were a few things that I specifically enjoyed, and felt like made the experience just that much better. Such small things, but things that usually aren't thought through.

First - the restrooms. This will probably seem crazy to some, but now that I am a Mom, this was huge. There was an actual piece of furniture for a changing table, a changing pad, and a diaper pail. Um, hello - YAAS Jo! I mean, you could just tell that someone who has kids is the one who designed that space. I didn't take the boys, but I'm pretty sure the diaper changing experience would have been a lot smoother in that restroom your typical commercial restroom. Would you rather change your baby in a space that feels like home, or lay them on a plastic changing table that is attached to the wall, that you are not 100% someone installed correctly? That's all.

Second - water stations. They had these water stations laid out in various areas. Small paper cups with an individual water station, or a trough-like station shown in the photo. Can I get a hell yeah?! Not forcing anyone to purchase a bottled water, unless that's what tickles your fancy. Not to mention, the trough-like station was SO cool. To me this was the perfect element with all of the food trucks, walking, and lawn full of games. Just enough to keep people refreshed and hydrated.

Third and this only applies sometimes, but it definitely did on our day - ponchos. The weather was on and off raining while we were there. Nothing too bad, but a little annoying if you didn't have an umbrella. Either way, employees were walking around to pass out free ponchos. In this day and age - nothing is free. I just love the fact that I (and everyone else) was not expected to pay for every little thing. KUDOS.

There were so many other elements that I was impressed with, but I don't want to bore you with everything that I liked about the place. You can see a glimpse into our day and the space in the photos. If you have not been, I highly recommend you add it to your list. You won't regret it.

If you don't know anything about Magnolia - they offer shopping, food trucks, lawn games, and baked goods. Not to mention they have photo-worthy areas all throughout the space. It's a bloggers dream!

Chris and I specifically hit up the pizza food truck (YUM!), and their bakery Silos Baking Co. on our way out. We snagged a few cupcakes, and my goodness they were good! Chris liked the Nuts & Bolts, and I enjoyed the Lemon Lavender. There was also a sweet tea truck that had that had a constant flow of traffic. It had the longest line all day. HAD to be good. We talked about trying one, and then got sidetracked. For sure a pit stop next time!

My favorite part of all - well, I don't even know. All of it!

I wanted so many home decor pieces, but opted for a pretty ring and necklace instead. I've been wearing them non-stop.

After visiting, I have officially become a fan girl. I was secretly hoping that Chip and Jo would just swing by. Didn't happen, but man those two, they have it figured out. Too dang good.

Have you been to Magnolia yet?

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