Today's post is a little bit different than usual, but I am caught up in something that has been bugging me for a while, and I would rather put it out there than have it clouding my mind.

Have you ever noticed that while watching a video, scrolling social media, or even just hanging out and talking with friends that sometimes people will over-apologize for things? Sometimes it is understandable but sometimes I feel like it is used to mask who a person truly is. Have you ever felt that way, or do you have any idea what I am even talking about?

If not, I will tell you what I am not apologizing for, and maybe you can relate.

I will not apologize for talking to my babies in a baby voice. Tell me one person that has never talked in a baby voice. We all do it. Some of us even talk to our animals that way. It is human nature. So why apologize for that? I hate (and hate is a strong word) when I see videos on Instagram of Moms talking in a baby voice to their babies, and the text on the video says "sorry for the mom voice". WHY are we apologizing? You are in the moment with your child. You are loving your child, and creating memories. Who cares if you are talking in a baby voice, and why do we care if they care? I for one don't care.

I will not apologize for something in my house being out of order. Notice I didn't say a dirty house. I for one don't like a dirty house - it gives me anxiety, so I keep it pretty clean. With that being said, sometimes there is a random water bottle, or toys or a small pile of mail creeping in the background of my videos and photos. If I am comfortable enough with those things being in the background of my photos or videos, I'm not going to apologize for it. When people do that it immediately tells me that they are apologizing on behalf of someone else. If you truly cared you wouldn't have posted the photo or video in the first place. Believe me, I have a ton of photos on my phone that have never made it to social media because I don't like how my house looked in the background. So, that's it. You'll just never see that photo. What I'm not going to do is post the photo and apologize for it, so that the person looking at the photo feels better about it.

I will not apologize for posting a blurry photo. Again, if in your heart you like what you are posting, then post it. If the people looking at your photos don't like the fact that it was a little blurry - guess what? They can keep scrolling. I feel like we're doing things now for everyone else, and not for ourselves. When did it become this way? It infuriates me. It really does. I just want to scream - WHO CARES? Now y'all are probably thinking - well you don't post photos sometimes because of how they look. True. I don't. But I don't post those photos because of MYSELF. I am a perfectionist, and I wouldn't be able to let it go. What I am not doing is preventing myself from sharing something because of what I fear other people will think.

I could go on with this list forever. There are so many things revolving around this subject that just boil my blood, and I needed to get it off of my chest.

I feel like at this day and age we are surrounded by constant judgement, and because of that it has caused a lot of people to hesitate and think if other people will like it instead of it they themselves like it. Believe me, there are certain things that I think should remain personal and private (insert most of the over-sharing on FB), but quit apologizing for the things that you believe in just to make someone else happy.

Has anyone else ever felt that way? Do you feel beat down and less wonderful about yourself after scrolling social media? Do you refuse to post a photo or video that you love because you're worried about what everyone else might think? Do you raise your kids a certain way because that is the way everyone else is doing it?

This week I challenge you guys to pay a bit more attention to it. If you catch yourself apologizing for something random, something that you don't actually care about, stop yourself and retract that thought. Do what you're doing because it is something that you feel passionate about. Don't let social media, strangers, or over-powering friends and family make decisions for you.

I would love to talk more on this subject. I am just curious if anyone else has noticed it, or feels the same way. Leave me a comment and let me know!

And that my friends wraps up today's random thoughts.
Until next time.

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