Hey-o! I am back with more organization. Yay! Does anyone else get as excited as I do over organizing spaces in your home? It makes me so happy!

How to easily organize a pantry with woven baskets

Easy pantry organization with woven baskets and clear containers

How to organize your cereal and pantry ingredients

Easy kids snack organization for pantry

How to easily organize your pantry

A while back I finally had the opportunity to organize our pantry. I have been Pinterest-ing and planning in my head for quite a while but knew it would be an undertaking so kept putting it off. I was needing something to keep my mind busy and this was the perfect task. Overall I wanted to keep it simple and as streamlined as possible.

I toyed with the idea of adding labels to the basket fronts but decided not to. I like the simplicity that the baskets bring and didn't want to over-analyze what the dang tags would be named. It was hard enough trying to figure out the different categories and pieces that I wanted to incorporate. I'll break down what we ended up with below.

Woven baskets: snacks, chips, crackers, coffee, miscellaneous condiments, and cooking ingredients (breadcrumbs, chicken broth, quinoa) - anything that was in a container or small box.

Tiered unit: stacks all of our canned goods.

Clear bins: boys snacks (the ones that stack pretty!), packages of rice, cans of tuna and again, miscellaneous small jars.

Lazy susans: oils, cooking sprays and miscellaneous bottled ingredients.

Plastic cereal containers for our, you guessed it, cereal.

Glass jars: sugar, flour and cranberries.

Ultimately I knew that I wanted chips and random snacks that don't hold a shape to be in the woven baskets. We also buy the boys snacks in bulk now, so having baskets that we can just pour those into works perfectly. I utilized the clear bins for items that easily stack, and also for things that we need to see quickly.

Overall the pantry is functional and pretty when I open it and that is what I was aiming for. It's also fun for the boys because they know exactly where their snacks are, and love picking them out themselves. #independent

I lucked out and snagged all of my containers, baskets and jars at Home Goods. They just happened to have a ton of the baskets the day I went in, and I pretty much grabbed them all.

Most retailers sale these types of organizations bins and baskets, but the Container Store has everything and more. A lot of the stuff I linked above is on sale right now, so great timing if you're in the market!

I tried to be as #budgetfriendly as possible because these ideas tend to add up quickly. Overall this is what worked for me, and hoping you can find some great deals as well! The bolded text throughout the post are direct links, or you shop via the widget above.

Happy organizing! Until next time.

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