Fourth birthday cake table with fun and colorful fringe garland decor and DIY wood signage

I know, I know - you're probably sick of hearing about Knox and Liam's 4th birthday party. 

But this year I decided to be unapologetically myself and throw my kids the party I wanted them to have, and so, it deserves a permanent spot on the blog! I am a creative, I think we all know that, so this party to me was my happy place for a couple of months. I enjoyed planning and putting every piece of it together (well, minus the part where I heard balloons popping before the party even started)... <insert sweating smiley emoji>

And so, you'll have to forgive my oversharing later. 

I feel like parties in general have definitely gotten bigger and bigger over the years, and a lot of times they get a bad rep BUT, I'm here to tell you that if you want to throw your kids a big party DO IT. And if you want to bake a small cake and sing happy birthday at home, DO IT. 

I am basically saying do whatever the heck makes your heart happy... big or small, it does not matter! 

Now let's jump into it. 

I am always browsing Pinterest to find ideas and modern themes for parties. We've done a fiesta, party animals, and dinosaur theme in the past, and I was kind of unsure what I wanted this years to be. I toyed with the idea of Super Heroes but then came across some pretty fun inspiration for a drive-by fair themed party here.  I kept going back to this one and with the boys' birthday falling literally on opening day of the Texas State Fair, I thought.. why the heck not?! 

And so I dove all in. 

Welcome chalkboard sign for fair themed kids birthday party with colorful DIY balloon arch

Kids birthday party table decor smiley face fair tickets for modern fair theme state fair party

What I haven't done at past parties but knew I wanted to do for this one is have a kids table setup with fun games and activities as well. To start the planning process I googled searched the fair - typical games, sayings, food, graphics, etc. and started to pull my inspiration from there. And so with that, my creative mind with the help of Pinterest went wild.

I wanted to put a modern spin on it, so I definitely amped up the colors - moved away from primary colors - created organic shapes, and used my cricut to design a ton of graphics. To me, the graphics and the balloons are definitely what pulled the party together.... and saved me some money! 

Kids birthday party table setup for modern state fair theme. DIY names for plates, fish in a bag soap favors and colorful balloon arch

Table decor details with custom logo for fair themed birthday party with colorful napkins and fish in a bag soap favors

Party favors for modern state fair birthday. Fish in a bag with custom DIY colorful party favor tags

Kids birthday party place setting with DIY names and table decor

Backyard DIY ring toss game for fair themed birthday party. DIY birthday graphic for games

Backyard DIY balloon darts for modern state fair birthday party. DIY game signs

DIY custom signage and pallet for modern state fair birthday party face painting

Anything you are able to DIY for your party, definitely do so! I always recommend finding things on sale, shopping around for a while which means planning well in advance, and using your resources with friends or local businesses. 

On top of DIY'ing most of the party, I also shopped small. I supported small businesses with the popcorn cart, fringe backdrop, goldfish soap favors, photography, cookies and cake. Most small businesses are super creative and unique as well, so that adds to the detail and exclusivity of your design and event. 

Modern state fair kids birthday party popcorn cart with DIY signage and colorful balloon arch

Gourmet popcorn stand DIY signage and clear acrylic table setting

Kids modern fair theme birthday party popcorn cart details with DIY signage

Modern state fair birthday party with custom cotton candy and corn dog cookies

Custom cotton candy and corn dog cookies for modern state fair birthday party

Essentially my goal for this party was to be fun, memorable, exciting, colorful and inspirational. I think we did it! 

The boys had such a blast. My Mama heart melted when Knox said "I like this party, it's pretty". The petting zoo and pony rides were a surprise as well. The squeals from the boys, and running to the back yard to see them as they arrived for setup made it all worth it. 

In the end, I wanted to celebrate my boys for being blessed with yet another birthday. The older I get the more I realize that life and moments are so precious, and we should enjoy them. 

And so with that, below are some of my other favorite photos from the party along with resources for most of the items. 

Modern state fair birthday party pony ride with twins

Modern state fair birthday party with petting zoo

Cotton candy black and white photo for state fair birthday party

State fair birthday party face painting kids face

Modern state fair kids birthday party in petting zoo

Outdoor fair games for modern state fair kids birthday party

Pony ride for state fair theme kids birthday party

Twin brothers face painting for modern state fair fourth birthday party

Kids birthday party face painting for modern state fair birthday theme

Modern state fair birthday party face painting for twin brothers

Twin brother photo at fourth birthday party

DIY yard signs for way finding bunny cutout with text

Fourth birthday party cake table with colorful fringe garland and multicolored cake

Outdoor birthday party with ice bucket and popsicles for kids

Black and white photo of twin brothers and fourth birthday


*All graphics DIY (game signs, chalkboard and wood signs, cups, popcorn holders, acrylic signs, bunny yard signs). 

*Some links provided are affiliate links and will provide me with a small commission upon purchase.

In more exciting news, I submitted the party to Kara's Party Ideas and was selected from her team. She will be sharing more about the party on her website and Instagram sometime this week. If you don't already follow her I highly recommend. She shares and creates the most incredible parties! I have pulled so much inspiration from her page in the past. 

The fact that she is sharing the boys party is beyond exciting for me!
I hope you enjoyed. Until next time, friends. 

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