Hey ladies! I am in California this week for work, so please bare with me for my post today and the one on Wednesday. We'll be back to outfits of the day on Friday. :) 

This weekend I had an opportunity to be a part of the Margarita Ball in Dallas. One of my friends from work went last year, had a blast, and talked me into going. Of course, us girls at work couldn't commit until we knew at least one other couple was going. That's smart, right? 

Well, Matt (my guy friend from work) ended up talking me and two other girls (along with their significant others) into going. The one thing that sold us on this event (other than the fact that it's a charity event!) is that we got to play dress up and feel oh so chic for one night! 

After we decided that we would be attending and it was only a couple of weeks away, we went into panic mode... what to wear?! Let's get serious here. NONE of us had a formal dress lying around. I mean, we get to wear jeans to work, so... shopping it is! And the guys were required to wear either a suit or a tux. Okay, Chris definitely doesn't have that. And he couldn't even wear his wedding suit, dang it linen! 

Then, some girlfriends told me about Rent the Runway. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Well, it is! If you have an event and do not want to purchase a dress, I highly recommend. I won't go into all of the details here, because we'd be here all day, but I received my dress and IT. IS. AMAZING. One of the great things about this shop is that they send you two sizes... and one for free! And I for one am very thankful for that. As much as I like to think I haven't grown since highschool... haha, yeah right! That smaller size was quite snug. I'll post the link below to the website, as well as the link to my dress. 

Rent the Runway
My dress

And below are a few photos from our night. It was a blast. Oh, and the funny thing about my outfit... everything except my undies and bra are borrowed! Isn't that fun?! LOVE it! I have such great people in my life. 

I know the quality of these photos aren't that great. I didn't think it would be smart to carry around an expensive camera at such a huge event. Plus, my clutch couldn't fit it. :) iPHONE it is. Thanks for reading! 

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