Well hello! This is kind of a random post considering I usually post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and about fashion) but today I wanted to talk to you a little about my night last night and how I went to bed feeling very thankful. 

I recently started attending this new church, thanks to my friend Kaytie. She was always talking to me about her new church and how much she loved it, so I finally decided to join her. Since then, I've been attending St. Andrew's Methodist Church consistently and am so thankful to have found a place where I can really find and understand myself as well as give back to others. 

Last night is the perfect example. First of all, I'm pretty shy when first meeting people, especially in a church as large at St. Andrew's with a group of people who have been surrounded by each other for quite some time. The great thing? I don't feel out of place when I'm there. Everyone is incredibly friendly and accommodating and I feel right at home. 

Now, as far as last night, our Monday night Young Adults Group (as well as a few others) joined together to sort and bag food to give away at the end of this week to 750 families. 750 FAMILIES! Can you believe that?! One, I had no idea there were that many people struggling to have a Thanksgiving meal with their families. Two, how absolutely incredible is it that St. Andrew's is giving that many people the opportunity to sit down, have a warm meal and create memories with the ones they love, something that we may take for granted? It really put life into perspective for me. 

And three, we enjoyed every moment of being able to help someone else. Let's be honest. It was overwhelming walking into a room full of furniture that needed to be moved, food that needed to be sorted and bagged and not only that, we had to keep count! But we all worked together, prayed together, listened to music, shared a few laughs and had quite the productive evening. What felt even better is knowing that someone will be able to enjoy something on Thanksgiving Day that they might not have been able to without a few of our hours on a typical Monday. 

It was great. And I felt great leaving church knowing that I helped make a difference. And I'm even more thankful that something told me to get up and go to church that Sunday. It has made me a better person and who doesn't love that feeling? It takes one moment in life to make you realize how fragile it really is. I hope you've had your moment. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post... back to fashion. Thanks for reading!

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