Hello again! Today I am super stoked because... the Justin Timberlake concert is finally here! Eek! I have had these tickets FOREVER (really) and I can't believe it's finally time to see him. :) I'm sure this will be the longest day of my life. Either way, it'll end with seeing JT, so not complaints here. And I have the day off tomorrow. Oh. Yes. 

Today's outfit post is all about keeping it simple with a little bit of black and gold. I have come to love black and gold. I was never really a gold fan before, I was all about the white gold, but not anymore! Now, let me re-phrase. I do NOT want a yellow gold wedding ring, I'm not feelin' that, but all other jewelry can definitely be gold. There is just something about it that is so dainty yet dressy. Love it. 

This outfit is seriously simple. It's something you can throw together in a second ('cause that's exactly what I did Sunday morning when I was running late, ha!). And a good way to dress it up is to throw some heels with it. I did exactly that for church and then changed into my leopard print tennis shoes to head to the grocery store later. Not that y'all really need to know all of that, but I'm just letting you know that I do not flaunt around all day (especially on a Sunday) in heels. 

Random note. I was in California last week for work and one of the ladies I was talking to pointed out that I say 'y'all' a lot. Have you ever tried to NOT say it? It's really hard. I failed. Anyway, I hope you enjoy today's post and as always, thanks so much for reading! 

Also, if there's anything specific you would like to see or hear about on here, let me know! I'm open to suggestions and would love to hear some feedback from you guys. XOXO. 

Shirt: H&M, similar HERE
Pants: H&M 
Shoes: Nine West, similar HERE
Necklace: Bip and Bop
Triangle Ring: Style Lately
Midi Rings: Etsy, LLI Wireworks


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    1. Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by and reading! :)

  2. You look darling. The black top with the cute necklace and animal print shoes make a perfect outfit.


  3. Adorable! Love this whole look especially the leopard heels!!

    <3 Shannon

    1. Thanks! I found these heels for a great deal. So glad. :)