I love Saturdays, how about y'all?! This Saturday was especially fun because (1) I got to wake up when I wanted (although it was at 7:30... really?!), (2) Chris and I looked at a house and completely fell in love, (3) this adorable tee from Planet Blue was in the mailbox and (4) I got to hang with some of my highschool girlfriends drinking wine and painting! 

I completely deserved a perfect Saturday like this after a crazy week at work. It's hard to remember what crazy busy, no time for lunch, I have 10 million things to do feels like after you've had a regular 8 hour work day for a while. I do have to say that the days FLEW by, which is always fine by me. 

It was still pretty chilly out on Saturday, but we're over taking photos inside the loft, so we decided to suck it up and go outside. Someone recently painted a new wall right up the street from us which I love, so we decided to take photos there. And I got this adorable new shirt from Planet Blue. I think it fits perfectly with Valentine's week... hello, kiss more talk less! It was on sale when I bought it, so y'all should go check it out before it's gone. 

Originally I had paired with sweat pants and converse but the hubs talked me out of that. I still think it would have looked cool. I'll have to sneak it in another time and just ignore his opinion. I do like the gray on gray with a pop of pink and red though, so it's all good. 

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Stay warm... Spring is on its way, yippee!

PS - I've linked up over at Because of Jackie to show my Favorite Winter Trend - check it out HERE.

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