Hey there! Happy Monday! I'm hoping to start this Monday off on the right foot and make it a pretty easy week. How about y'all? 

So, as we all know, yesterday was the super bowl. Yippee! (that was sort of sarcastic). I had a loft full of hunters... and one girlfriend. Thank god for the other girl! Anyway, I was hoping for a pretty day here in Dallas, but we didn't really get that. It was cold and rainy... not great for blog photos. So, guess what we did? Took photos in the loft! 

Because it was cold and rainy I immediately went for my over-sized cardigan. I wear this cardigan so much that even Chris had to double check that I'd never posted it on the blog before. Ha! I guess blog photo day is the ONE day I skip wearing it. It's so comfortable, I wish I would have ordered one in every color! Good job Forever 21. 

Shirt: Nordstrom Rack, similar HERE
Cardigan: Forever 21, similar HERE
Jeans: H&M
Booties: Jessica Simpson

Shop the post!

I have another look that is completely different from this one that also incorporates this cardigan. I'll try to snap some photos and get that look up on the blog soon too! It's more of a business look. There's always something for everyone. 

Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend. Last thing, I teamed up with another blogger (yay!) for a giveaway. Cassie is celebrating her 3 year blog anniversary. Woohoo! Be sure to go check her out and enter for your chance to win HERE.

Good luck! Talk to y'all Wednesday! XOXO.


  1. Did I miss the winner of the last giveaway? Was it me!? Oh you shouldn't have! :P

    1. I followed up with Meagan this morning. The winner was Jennifer Wheeling. Sorry!

  2. That cardigan is perfection, I NEED it;)

    1. It's the most comfortable cardigan I've ever owned! I wear it way too much. haha.