Well hello there! I have been such the bad blogger lately, sorry! The past week and a half has been absolute craziness. 

I went to San Francisco for work, got to see the Golden Gate Bridge (which was incredible), worked my little butt off and then headed back to Dallas for a day before driving to Padre for my nieces cheer competition. It was quite the week/weekend. 

Going back to work this past Tuesday after being out of the office back to back for two solid weeks was not fun. My to-do list is crazy long, which is why I was at the office yesterday. That gave Sunday Fun-day a whole new meaning. 

On to a happier note, Chris got 2nd place in his fishing tournament yesterday and decided he'd treat me to dinner. Yay! On the way to dinner we made a pit stop to snap some blog photos, finally

I was excited to take photos of this outfit because I loved how the bright summer colors and girly dress were paired with the military vest and the edgy cut-out wedges. Photos didn't go quite as planned, it was the most windy day in Dallas, go figure. Either way, we scored some photos and I'm on the road to recovery from MIA blogger status. 

How do you feel about mixing girly with... not-so-girly? 

A little bonus. The beauty of San Francisco. It's breathtaking. 

Happy Monday y'all! Here's to a great - short week.. until next time.

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