Good morning y'all! Happy Monday! 

I wanted to tell y'all a little about my weekend. Well, not really weekend, more particularly Saturday morning. 

A couple of weeks ago Chris mentioned that we were going to shoot skeet with some of our friends. First thought: Fun! Second thought: I've never shot a gun. I'm going with hunters and they're girlfriends (who have all shot guns before), ugh... I'm gonna embarrass myself.

Why have I never shot a gun? Is it even possible that I grew up at the deer lease with my dad, was a super tom boy growing up and am surrounded by a family full of hunters and have never shot a gun? Does a BB gun count?! If not, the answer to that questions is YES. Yes, it's possible to be all of the above and never have shot a gun. Don't ask me... I blame them! :) 

So, I'm sure you can understand my concern/wait, I'm not gonna be the best one kinda attitude when Chris said we were going. 

I was nervous and not really in the mood to go Saturday when our alarm sounded at 6:50 am. Let me just tell you, that's the quickest I've ever seen Chris jump up and get ready. He was ready before me and that never happens (guys and their hobbies)

We rolled out of the house at 7:30, Chris like a giddy teenager and me, the grumpy teenager who just got dragged out of bed at the crack of dawn on my only day to sleep in (even if I consider sleeping in 8:00)

I quickly decided that I was going to be optimistic and make the best out of this little adventure. Secretly, I was excited to go, even more so when my sister told me to come pick up my papaw's gun that she now had. I thought, what better than shooting his gun for my first time. He loved his guns and hunting and I know it would make him proud to know that I was shooting his for my first time. Not only that, it was from 1982... older than me... and it still looked brand new. 

We finally arrived at our destination, a field, and got everything set up. Chris was overly excited for me to shoot and of course wanted me to go first. No sir. I had to sit back and watch a few times so that I could see how everyone else did it. Then, it was my turn. 

So many rules. Hold it here, not there. Lean forward. Safety off. Aim. Watch for the skeet. Shoot. Oh, and there are 5 people behind you seeing how you do for your first time. #nopressure. 

Long story short. I shot the gun one time before I actually had to aim and try to to hit the skeet. It was fun. A little stressful at first, but I had a blast! I can't wait to go back. 

Let's be honest though. I wasn't too great. I missed a ton, shot a few. And then I ended on a good note. We had one skeet left, so Chris decided to throw a few water bottles instead. Those were fun and a little easier to hit. I can't remember who threw the last skeet, but Chris was my back-up. Basically, if I didn't hit it, he wasn't letting it go to waste. In his words, you "blasted" that one. #winning. 

I guess I made him proud. He couldn't stop talking about it. And me, well, I'm well versed in shooting guns now. I went in having shot zero guns and left shooting four. Holla! 

Now, onto the fashion portion of today's post. Has anyone else started thinking about Fall and how they wish it was here already? It's so hot out that I can't help but think about the cooler weather and how much I wish it would hurry up

I'm ready to wear sweaters and booties and toboggans and all that good stuff. I love all of the Fall colors and layering pieces together. I'm getting excited just thinking about it! 

Below are some of the pieces I'm eyeing for this year. 

Do you have a Fall favorite? What trend will you be rocking this year? 


  1. Oh, skeet shooting! I never actually did it myself, but my family always did as a kid;) I have gone hunting and shot a real gun and a now and arrow, though! As for Fall, I am enjoying the hell out of Summer, but Fall is starting to sound more and more awesome!

    1. A gun and an arrow, nice! Yeah, I'm usually all about Summer. I'm not sure what happened to me this Summer though. I'm just hot.. and over it. Maybe it's because I haven't been spending as much time by the pool. I should fix that! :)