Have you guys heard of Man Crates? If you already know and didn't tell me about it, I'm a little offended. I say that because, well, it might be the best invention ever when it comes to buying guys gifts. I mean, who is good at buying guys gifts?! I sure as heck am not. I suck at it! 

For me, the thing that always happens is that I'll ask Chris what he's wanting at the moment or liking (duh, it's either fishing or hunting) and he'll say "I don't know". And then... months after the certain holiday has passed I'll hear, "I want this, I want that"... umm...

So, Man Crates has made the process just a little bit easier (and super fun). Basically, they have a selection of "crates" to choose from, I'm talking from the Beer Lover to the Zombie Killer and everything in between. No lie. And it gets better. The gifts are shipped in actual crates and... wait for it... a crow bar to open them. A CROW BAR y'all! You can't tell me a guy won't love that! I think it's genius. 

I got an email recently from Man Crates - hence how I found out about their super cool company - asking if I had to put together my Top 5 Survival Kit items (excluding water, food, etc.), what would they be?! Well, below is what I think I can't live without.  

Man Crates - Survival Kit Essentials
1 - Erin Condren Planner because my BFF got it for me last year and now I'm completely addicted. It's my life... I need to stay organized.
2 - EOS Lip Balm it's my favorite. But not the red one.. it seriously chapped my lips for weeks. Not kidding. I wish I was. But the green "mint" one is fantastic! And the packaging is cool. 
3 - iPHONE and I know what you're thinking... really?! But yes. Not really for texting and/or calling, but for Instagram, SnapChat and Music - duh!
4 - Nikon D3100 with the 50mm lens. It's quickly becoming a new obsession. Photos = memories, forever! 
5 - Last but not least, my new NuMe Wand. This thing is perfection. It curls my hair so fast and they stay all day long. It's a little on the expensive side BUT (and that's a huge but) they have crazy deals all of the time. I got mine (this exact one) for $50.

And just for a little fun, Chris joined in on the party. 

Man Crates - Survival Kit Essentials

Let's just hope he isn't expecting a crate delivered with a gun... or a fishing pole...

So now I have to ask, what would your 5 essential items be? And who's ordering a crate for their next dude gift?! 

Happy Thursday y'all! 


  1. Hmmmm, I need my laptop, lip balm, my kindle with tons of books on it, something super cozy to wear, and probably my Philosophy Fresh Cream lotion, I'm addicted!

    1. Those are pretty good items! Now that you mention it... I probably should have included a book in there too!