Well, hello there!

After being included in the group giveaway via Because of Jackie, I wanted to give a shout out to all of my new followers. 

First, thanks so much for subscribing and following along! If you haven't browsed the blog and have no idea who the heck I am - well, that's what this post is for. 

1. My name is Stephanie (duh - Signing Steph) and I live in Dallas. I am married to my highschool guy, Chris who is also the photographer for the blog. Yay supportive husbands! We have two crazy (yes, crazy) dogs. Chester the maltese who is 6 years old and Ollie the chocolate lab who is 17 weeks and growing. 
2. I have a fairly large and dysfunctional family (don't we all?!) and I'm one of the odd balls. I have an older sister and younger brother - shout out to the middle child! I know, I know... we have it the hardest. I also have two step sisters via my step dad and two step brothers via my step mom. They all have kids, who I call my nieces and nephews and love to pieces. Just me and the younger brother are holding out on the kids. One day. 
3. I started my blog in the Fall of 2013. It's something I had wanted to do for quite some time. I'm still not sure how great I am at it, but hey, it gives me a place to touch down and I've met some pretty nice gals along the way. That's what it's all about. 
4. I love - music, exploring, photography, clothes (of course), shoes, bright colors, minimalism, boho vibes, inspirational quotes, festivals, a cold beer, laughing until I cry, candles, crafts, shopping, anything gold, hugs, watermelon, family time, a good read, sunshine, the outdoors and alone time.
5. I work as an Interior Designer (not the pretty stuff, the actual construction part) during the day and am currently working on my professional certification in the State of Texas. Woo hoo! Now just let me pass... 
6. I would love to someday open an online clothing boutique and transition that into a store in a quirky downtown area. 
7. I'm usually the quiet one until you get to know me. I will sit back and observe but not usually the first person to spark up a conversation. Some call this bitchy, I call it shy. 

Not to give you all my life story, but hopefully some bits and pieces as to who I am. If you want to know anything else, just ask! 

I'd love to learn more about you as well. Please say hi, stick around and let me know of anything you'd like to see in the future. 

PS - you can check out this post to learn more about the layout of the site. 

Until next time, new friends! 

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