Casual weekend outfit

Patterned aztec tee and tassel necklace

Cut-off denim shorts, patterned tee, tassel necklace

aztec printed tee and tassel necklace
Tee: Old Navy (under $20!) 
Sandals: Amazon  (love, love these!)
Tassel Necklace: The Happy Goose Shop (currently sold out but she has other great colors available) 
Lipstick: Chanel 

Do you guys have that one look or outfit that you depend on when you're either too lazy to get creative or just don't have time to sit and stare at your closet for 30 minutes - as if something new is just gonna appear?! 

For me, this is it. Unless I have a specific plans that require a little more effort on my end, this is typically what I'm wearing on the weekends. 

Although it might look like it required a tad bit of effort (I thank the accessories), it really didn't. My secret is to purchase basic pieces (the cut-off shorts and sandals) and mixing them with a bit of interest (the tassel necklace and patterned tee). 

And let's not forget about a small pop of color. Today, I went for the lip color. Although it's subtle in the photos - it's a pretty pink. I thank my aunt for that one! She purchased it, my mom told her it was too "young" for her (uh oh!) so she passed it down for me. The only Chanel I'll be rockin'! 

So tell me, what's your weekend wear? 


  1. Love that top! I host a link up every week and would love it if you stopped by and added a link :)

    1. Thank you! Of course, I'm always excited for another great link-up. Thanks for letting me know!