Hey friends! Happy Tuesday. It was quite the crazy Monday at work, as if Monday's aren't crazy enough as it is.

This week will be a whirlwind, so bare with me while I get my work and personal life together. I hope to share a couple of posts this week, but with unexpected happenings at work and traveling Thursday and Friday, I'm not sure how that will go.

I can't wait to share a few fun pieces in upcoming outfit posts, so stay tuned!

As for now - I didn't plan on posting about Bloke Body today, but I'm loving it so why not share it with you guys too?!

Have you heard of Bloke Body? I hadn't until I started seeing it from some of the other bloggers I follow. I was obsessed with LUSH cosmetics a while back but it became an expensive habit so I tried to chill on the frequent purchases.

When I saw Bloke - Natural Body Scrub while scrolling through Instagram, I knew I had to check it out. Much to my surprise, it was priced decently so I grabbed a few items.

I've only used the Coffee and Sweet Orange body scrub, but the coffee smell alone has my hooked. It's like drinking coffee without drinking it. Who knew?! It has other benefits of course, like exfoliating your skin while staying moisturized. All good things. Definitely check it out!

I also purchased the Green Tea and Sea Salt scrub. I haven't used this one yet, but I'm sure it will be equally as great as the other. This scrub focuses on clearer glowing skin and reducing redness and imperfections. Again, who doesn't want that?

I've also heard great things about their hair care. I figured I'd try a couple of products before purchasing one of each. Now that I have, I'll be ordering the hydrating treatment here shortly.

Seriously though, give these products a try! An all-natural scrub is the way to go.

PS - this is not a sponsored post. I just really wanted to share with you guys. Enjoy!

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