Summer pineapple print dress from Boohoo

Summer print dress with jean jacket

Summer pineapple dress

Pineapple Dress with cropped jean jacket

Pineapple summer print with maple wood watch
Pineapple Dress: Boohoo (under $30)
Jean Jacket: (old) - options splurge here, save here
Sandals: Necessary Clothing (under $15!)
Watch: c/o Jord
Lipstick: Chanel 

There are two things that I've recently become obsessed with in clothing... pineapple and cactus prints. Why? Not exactly sure, but one, they scream summer and two it adds a quirky element to any piece and I'm always down for that.

So what better for today's post than a pineapple dress? It's cute and girly and fun... and sometimes that's just what we need.

I do love this dress. I like the color (one because it's not my typical); it was so hard for me to pass up the blue option, of course I like the print, but I also love how light weight and airy it is. The only complaint I have (just in case you're loving it) is that it's really, really sheer. You can't tell in the photos (thank goodness) but I'm warning you.

A good option I would recommend is one of the slips sold over at The Happy Goose Shop. Yes, this is the second time in one week I'm mentioning this online boutique. #sorrynotsorry. I've linked one here that I'm loving and I think it would work well with this dress also. Plus, you can wear it year round to lengthen and/or add a pop to some of your tops/dresses.

I'm also a sucker for a good jean jacket. The one I'm wearing I've had for a couple of years, but if you don't have one I highly recommend you get one. I wear mine constantly over maxi dresses and tees - adding a third item to your look instantly makes it look like you put in more effort than you really did. Sneaky trick, but it works. A few good options linked above.

Hoping you have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for reading.

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  1. I love pineapple prints, too! I also love palm prints, and maybe even a donut print or two;)

    1. I'm right there with ya! I love the donut prints I've been seeing, just not quite sure if I can pull that one off.