Top: Nordstrom (on sale for a limited time - get it while you can!)  
Jeans: American Eagle (currently BOGO 50% off + free shipping) 
Shoes: DSW (in store only, online here)
Sunglasses: Marshall's (similar) 
Necklace: Akola
Earrings: Poe and Arrow's Boutique (similar
Clutch: Groovy's Boutique (I didn't see online, it may be in store only)

As promised, today's look is an easy way to transition a basic day time look into a night out on the town. 

As you can see from Monday's post, I'm wearing the same top, jeans and sunnies. For me, taking something from day to night is easy with a switch of the shoes and/or accessories. For this one, I opted for both. 

First up, shoes. Duh! Toss the flats to the side and pull out your sassy shoes. Since it's summer, I went with a pair of platform sandals... none other than my faves! These suckers are super chic and comfortable. They actually have cushion... what heels do you know of that have cushion?! #yourewelcome. 

And of course, after I styled this look and had it all planned out I saw the simple nude sandals in my car that I wore to a wedding the night before. Those would have looked cute as well. You can see the shoes I'm referring to here. But I will say, they didn't have cushion and they rubbed a blister on the ankle. Beauty is pain I tell ya. 

But we'll save those shoes for another post. 

Next up, accessories. In Monday's post I wore the simple feather necklace... small and dainty. The piece I added is also simple, but adds another layer (we all know how I feel about layers) and a small pop of color. I also changed from my stud earrings for a more dramatic look. 

The last item I decided to change and I think pulls the entire look together was the bag. This aztec clutch brings the right amount of pattern, detail and mix of colors for this look. I've been dying to carry it... I kind of wish it came in a cross body too. If so, it'd be my daily pick! 

Sad day - I couldn't find it online, but if you're local, check out Groovy's boutique in Rockwall. They had the cutest stuff, at affordable prices! 

Enough of my rambling. So what's in your closet that you could take from day to night? I'm sure way more than you ever thought possible! Get creative, mix it up and have some fun. 

Happy Wednesday ladies! As always, thanks so much for your continued support! I don't think I say it enough. 


  1. holy geez. model!!!!!!!!!!!! love the outfit! Now only if I were that skinny...

    1. Thanks Cass!! Too many compliments, really.. but thank you! Always making me feel great about myself.

  2. Love your styling, all those accessories and those gorgeous heels bring so much life to this otherwise simple look. Totally my style!


    1. Thanks so much! Are you a more recent viewer of the blog? If so, welcome and thanks for stopping by! I'll definitely check out your site. :)