Bronzer palette: Anastasia Beverly Hills - It's a little on the expensive side if you're looking for something just for this look. If you're looking for a daily contour kit - it's a must. It's all I use now. 
White eye pencil (dots and nose): NYX - color: Milk 
Liquid eyeliner (eyes and nose): NYX 
Lashes: Ardell - These weren't over the top and are also great for an everyday lash, if you're into that sorta thing. :) 

So this weekend Chris and I went to a fun birthday/costume party. Cass from Life on Cass Lane turned the big 2-8 and we dressed up to celebrate her birthday. It was so much fun dressing up and seeing all of the other fun costumes everyone came up with. It's quite interesting what adults can come up with. haha. 

We had hippies, Cheech and Chong, Jaws and another deer and hunter couple just to name a few. It really was a great time! 

When planning for this party I knew that I wanted to come up with something that was easy and inexpensive for Chris and I. Five minutes of browsing Pinterest and we hit the jackpot. I mean what's easier than having Chris dress up as... himself? Nothing, so that's what I went with! 

It's incredible what you can find on Pinterest and well, Pinterest did it again! There were so many options for deer (fawn) face paintings and headpieces. I wasn't quite sold on one look specifically so I ended up merging a few. 

The overall look was fairly easy after getting over how much bronzer I was applying. I felt like Snooki... Jersey Shore much? 

I had most of the items laying around minus the stuff to make the headpiece. I found this tutorial on You Tube, it was perfect! I wasn't on my DIY game so Chris actually made the antlers. Plus, he told me I wasn't doing it right. Excuse me, Mr. Hunter! 

Funny story. Chris made the antlers Friday night (I was feeling under the weather) and I finished up the flowers Saturday morning. Chris was still snoozing while I was a hot glueing machine so after I finish I go in the room excited about how my headband turned out, try it on and say "isn't it awesome"? Chris's response "Babe, the antlers are backwards". What?! How can antlers be backwards and who the hell (besides Chris) would actually notice that? haha. Typical me.

He fixed them in the end. There was no way he was letting me out of the house with antlers backwards. What hunter would? 

Anyway, moving on - the makeup. There are three links below that I used. The same girl that did the headband had a pretty subtle tutorial on makeup - here. For this one, I pretty much just followed the white shimmer on the eyelids along with the fake lashes. 

I wanted the look to be slightly more dramatic so I also followed parts of this tutorial. Her makeup is absolutely incredible but I was a little more on the lazy side and didn't want to attempt the eye makeup quite to that extent. I did use this one for the nose, bronzer placement and spots. 

I also used this go-by for placement/shape of my eyeliner. I added a little more detail on the lower lash line, but overall it's pretty similar. 

Really you just have to fill it out and do what makes you the most comfortable. I really love how the look turned out and will probably recreate it for a Halloween party soon. 

I thought it would be fun to share something a little different, especially since Halloween is coming up and people are always looking for easy couple costumes. Not only that but I got a lot of great feedback on my Instagram post this weekend. 

Are you guys planning on dressing up for Halloween? 

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